Larry Cornett

Larry Cornett, Ph.D., is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and the founder of Brilliant Forge; a consulting practice that helps organizations focus…

Khan Academy goes global with crowdsourced subtitles

Salman Khan’s popular educational videos can now be watched with subtitles in up to two dozen different languages, thanks to a cooperation between the Khan Academy and Universal Subtitles. Adding captions not only widens Khan’s audience, it could also help to avoid future legal challenges.

How Online Startups Can Build Audiences on the Cheap

Facebook and search engine optimization are still useful marketing tools for online startups wanting to build audiences. Let’s examine how a startup making consumer apps or online services can get that much-coveted first million or two users as cheaply as possible.

Google Employs Users to Help Spot, Block Spam Sites

Google is concluding that if people are up in arms about its perceived declining search results, then it will let them get to work in helping refine its searches. Google announced a Chrome browser extension that lets users block sites from appearing in their search results.

App Marketing 101: Search Engine Optimization

For app developers, the single most important step in preparing an iPhone app for release is to ensure it has been properly optimized for iTunes App Store search. With that in mind, we offer a lesson on the art and science of search engine optimization.

Big Media or Big SEO Spammers?

Faced with declining revenues and increasingly dismal prospects, some mainstream media outlets are adopting questionable tactics. A liberally funded LA startup is only too quick to help them. The story starts with San Francisco-based sex writer Violet Blue.

How to (Really) Use SEO Effectively

Aruni Gunasegaram is a popular contributor to Found|READ, so I’m now a regular visitor to her own blog, Tonight I ran…

Death of Dial-Up

SBC’s new low $14.95 a month pricing for DSL service is the last nail in the coffin for dial-up, at least in…