Fox, Ridley Scott nab film rights to self-published sci-fi series

As traditional book publishers are increasingly signing self-published authors, Hollywood studios are also looking to self-published books for their next blockbuster. Last month, Universal acquired the film rights to “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Now Fox and Ridley Scott have acquired the rights to sci-fi series “Wool.”

Memo to publishers: Remind us why you exist again?

As more authors choose to do an end-run around the traditional book industry, publishers are going to have to try harder to defend their continued existence — self-published author J.A. Konrath says that most are tied to a “broken, outdated and increasingly irrelevant business model.”

What happens when video gets democratized?

Today, TV might be where people go to be entertained. But make no mistake about it: New entrants are building audiences without being burdened by the cost structure of the traditional TV ecosystem, making them more nimble and a potential threat to bigger media players.

What purpose do book publishers serve?

The traditional publishing industry has been taking a beating lately from Amazon and the rise of self-publishing, but one writer says working with a publisher has a lot of benefits that self-publishing doesn’t. If publishers have any weapons against Amazon, they are on this list.

Future of media: The rise of the million-selling Kindle author

Author John Locke has become the new poster boy for self-publishing via Amazon’s Kindle platform by selling more than a million copies of his e-books. Along with fellow author Amanda Hocking, he is leading a wave of self-publishers who are looking to bypass the traditional industry.

Sandvox 2.0 Makes Push-Button Publishing Even Easier

Karelia Software released Sandvox 2.0 Tuesday, a major upgrade to its website building software for the Mac. I had a chance to get a walkthrough of the new release from Dan Wood, president of Karelia Software, and the new capabilities are impressive.