Seesmic dumps BlackBerry: Start of a stampede?

Seesmic, a popular third-party Twitter client for desktop and mobile devices, today announced it would end support for BlackBerry handsets at the end of June. One developer doesn’t make a trend, but this could be the start of one, given RIM’s struggles as it slowly transitions.

Seesmic Launches Swiss Army Knife for Social Networks

Seesmic, the social-networking startup, today launched a new version of its desktop application that not only allows users to log in to more accounts from a single dashboard, but also includes an open plugin marketplace that offers support for 40 other related social applications and services.

Seesmic Looks to Help Mainstream Users Watch Twitter

Many people only use Twitter to watch and hear from other people, often celebrities. To that end, Seesmic is reversing the trend of adding more and more features to Twitter clients, and today releases a tweet visualization tool called Seesmic Look.

Seesmic Acquires to Post to More Social Services

Seesmic, in its efforts to be the Grand Central Station for social network updates, has “acq-hired” Where Seesmic has mostly focused on the ability to consume social web information on various platforms, supports a variety of posting options.

Jajah Lets You Make Calls via Twitter

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Seesmic Lays Off Seven More

Personal video startup Seesmic laid off seven employees today, on top of the three employees it laid off last month. Seesmic founder…

Seesmic Lays Off Three

Personal video startup Seesmic laid off three employees on Monday, as partially reported by Valleywag today. The company is moving away from…

Good Lessons in One Graceful Failure

You may heave heard by now that the P2P startup AllPeers shut down yesterday, which cofounders Matthew Gertner and Cedric Maloux announced…