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How to keep friendships long past your startups

Working with your friends isn’t always easy, but Satish Dharmaraj and Scott Dietzen have found a way to do it for the past 15 years. Part of their secret, they say, is checking their egos at the door and taking a hollistic approach to the business.

Being too clever can be a product killer

If you think you’re being ever-so-clever with a product feature, that should be a red flag, according to CEO and co-founder, Brett Hellman. In his experience, one developer’s clever is typically another user’s confusion.

How founders can work with incoming CEOs (and vice versa)

When it’s time for a founder to relinquish control to an outside CEO, that relationship doesn’t have to be a contentious one. Jim Scullion was brought on to be CEO of Bunchball and explains how to form a partnership that helps the business reach the next level.

Former Gizmodo editor Brian Lam: start over, do what you love

Anyone trudging through another meaningless day at the office should watch this video with Brian Lam. He left Gizmodo to pursue writing about gadgets his way, and get to what he’s really passionate about. He also offers up practical advice for anyone pursuing their dream gig.

See Founders Run

Ever wonder how entrepreneurs build todays top technology companies? See Founders Run is a video series where startup founders from across Silicon…

InternMatch CEO: Advice for finding the right advisors

Advisors may not be as sexy as angels in the startup ecosystem, but the right one can provide a ton of value for young companies. InternMatch Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew Maguire, shares his thoughts on finding and working with the right advisors to help any startup.

A Daemonic guide to building a globally distributed workforce

Daemonic Labs was built from the ground up as a distributed company. It’s headquartered in San Francisco, but also has offices in Argentina. In this interview, Daemonic co-founders explain how they built the company, what they look for in employees, and the benefits of building this way.

Should your startup be thinking about the federal government?

Startups shouldn’t only think about the federal government when thorny legislation like SOPA and PIPA arises. Engine Advocacy’s Mike McGeary sat down to share his thoughts on what startup founders should be thinking now to prepare for when they do encounter Washington D.C.

Steve Blank on small startups, big execution & Steve Jobs

When serial-entrepreneur-turned-college-professor Steve Blank talks entrepreneurship, people listen. His new book, The Startup Owner’s Manual is bound for CEO bookshelves everywhere. Blank talked with us about the current and future state of entrepreneurship, the myth of Steve Jobs, and more.

How to hire a killer product launch team

In this video Q&A, Daniel Raffel shares how he assembled the right team to build and launch Snapguide, a mobile app. He also shared what he learned working for famous chef, Thomas Keller. It is must see TV for startup founders.

From a founder: How to run product iterations

VIDEO: Jetpac and Dipity founder, Derek Dukes sat down on camera for the first episode of our new video show “See Founders Run.” Dukes shares how he runs product cycles in his company and how to tell when iterations become pivots.