Second screen apps

Zeebox to launch in the U.S. within 60 days

U.K. second-screen startup Zeebox is getting close to expand beyond British borders: U.S. TV viewers could have access to the Zeebox app within the next 60 days, according to the company’s CTO Anthony Rose, who previously led the design and development of the BBC’s iPlayer.

With Idol app, Peel gets ready to ditch its hardware

Second screen startup Peel is seeing its universal remote control hardware becoming a commodity — but doesn’t actually mind this all that much. The company is preparing for a post-hardware future with a new iOS app feature that allows real-time second screen engagement during American Idol.

Dijit releases social TV guide app for the iPad

Dijit’s new iPad app expands on mobile features that were already available by taking advantage of the tablet’s larger screen. Viewers can access local TV listings, get recommendations from their Facebook friends, and gather more information about the cast and crew of the shows they’re watching.