SeaMicro raises $20M for low-power servers

Low-power server maker SeaMicro has raised another $20 million in funding, according to a filing. SeaMicro’s server technology consumes a quarter of the power of a regular server but packs more than 2,000 CPU cores.

10 Ways Data Centers Are Becoming Greener

Data centers are becoming greener across the board, and the latest proof of this came from Facebook. Here’s a list of 10 innovations from entrepreneurs and engineers that are leading to more energy efficient, and less carbon intensive, data centers. Learn more at Green:Net 2011!


Infrastructure 2011: 5 Trends Not to Expect

If there’s one thing certain in IT, it’s that users are always searching for the next big thing, but that legacy vendors and equipment, as well as national technology policy, can slow down progress in immeasurable ways. Here we highlight several happenings and trends in cloud computing, those that get a lot of ink but haven’t been fulfilled, and won’t likely be within the next year.

5 Green Data Center Startups You Need to Know

This week we’ll be kicking off the GigaOM Network’s third annual event focused on cloud computing and Internet infrastructure, Structure 2010 in San Francisco, and in honor of the big event we’ve decided to round up our 5 favorite green data center startups out there.

Smooth-Stone Bets ARM Will Invade the Data Center

Intel, with its x86 architecture, has owned the corporate computing market for decades, but Barry Evans, CEO of Austin, Texas-based systems startup Smooth-Stone, thinks it’s time for a change. Evans is betting on ARM-based processors to “completely remove power as an issue in the data center.”

SeaMicro's Secret Server Changes Computing Economics

We offer up the details on SeaMicro, a stealthy server company that today scored $9.3 million from the Department of Energy as part of a program encouraging data center efficiency. The company is one of two building specialty hardware to meet the demands of web comapnies.

Is Verari Shutting Down?

Blade server and containerized data center startup Verari Systems is shutting down today, according to reports. This has me wondering what the fates have in store for other specialty hardware players such as BLADE Networks or Liquid Computing.