GoFlex Satellite review: Stormy weather for this personal cloud

The idea behind Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite is cool: a 500GB drive and a Wi-Fi transmitter in a small case, which can stream your media collection. So when Seagate sent me a Satellite to test, I looked forward to it. Unfortunately, I ran into significant problems.

Seagate GoFlex Ups Game to 1.5 TB, USB 3.0

Road warriors with a lot of disk files can now carry 1.5 terabytes of them in a shirt pocket with the newly announced Seagate Freeagent GoFlex portable disk drive. The new GoFlex incorporates the faster transfer speed of USB 3.0 to better access so much content.

Seagate and Samsung Team Up to Bring Flash to the Data Center

Seagate, the world’s top maker of hard drives, has teamed up with Samsung, which has a huge Flash memory operation to make solid state drives for corporate computing. SSDs, as they are called, have become a popular feature in consumer laptops and electronic devices because the consume less energy and have no moving parts to break when the device is jostled or dropped (screens are another matter).

Review: The Seagate Freeagent GoFlexTV

Seagate’s new Freeagent GoFlex TV tries to marry the sneakernet with online streaming, combining the company’s new GoFlex portable hard drives with online content from Netflix and YouTube. However, the box comes without Wifi, and it can get pretty pricey once you add all the fixins.

3 Terabytes of Storage on Your Desktop…Amazing

Seagate today announced what it’s calling the world’s first 3-terabyte external desktop drive (dubbed FreeAgent GoFlex), which costs about $250. Seagate thinks that an increase in HD movie downloads will push people into buying bigger drives. This drive can fit up to 120 HD movies.