Primary Data brings Woz aboard and talks virtualized storage

Storage startup Primary Data is ready to demo its technology to potential customers looking to improve their existing data-center storage setup. The startup also said today that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is now Primary Data’s chief scientist; as part of Wozniak’s new gig, he will be helping the company build out its technology and advocate for the company as it courts clients.

Amazon details how it does networking in its data centers

Amazon shed some light onto what goes on with networking inside its many data centers on Wednesday at AWS re:Invent 2014 in Las Vegas. James Hamilton, the vice president and distinguished engineer of Amazon Web Services, laid out the networking details during his conference session that also touched on data centers and databases.


Enabling IoT

To be successful, IoT devices need to fit with the way technology is being adopted by today’s agile businesses.


Evolving SDN: Tackling challenges for web-scale deployments

Customers want mobility and rapid change through automation because this enables business to build speed in innovation. Software-defined networking embraces these requirements with new dynamic networking features that enhance server value and user services while operating with an existing network.

F5 Networks goes SDN, buys LineRate Systems

F5 has bought LineRate Systems for an undislosed amount of money. The rationale seems pretty clear: F5 is a legacy hardware vendor trying to ride the wave of software disruption by purchasing one of the startups leading it.

Want better Wi-Fi? Maybe you just need a better router.

Too many connected devices downloading, streaming or uploading in the home can choke a home network, and there’s not much average consumers can do about it. But Qualcomm hopes that its new StreamBooost technology will help make the router –and home networks — smarter and better.

2012: The year software-defined networking sold out

Companies spent roughly $1.6 billion buying networking startups in 2012 with one deal being responsible for the lion’s share of that total. Yet, even if VMware hadn’t purchased Nicira for $1.26 billion, networking deals and software-defined networking deals in particular, were red hot in 2012.

Juniper to buy SDN startup Contrail in deal worth $176M

Juniper will spend up to $176 million on stealthy software-defined networking startup Contrail. The move coming just weeks after Cisco’s own SDN buy and months after VMware’s $1.3 billion grab for Nicira show how aggressively the established vendors are about staking a claim.

Arista hires a CFO, poaches a big shot Cisco executive

Arista Networks, one of the quiet success stories of Silicon Valley co-founded by legendary engineer Andy Bechtolsheim has hired Michael Lehman, formerly of Palo Alto Networks as its CFO. It has added Cisco’s SDN guru Tom Black to its team already chock-a-block with engineering heavyweights.

Oracle snaps up Xsigo for SDN smarts

If there was any doubt that software-defined networking (SDN) expertise is a hot ticket, Oracle’s planned acquisition of Xsigo, coming on the heels of VMware’s blockbuster $1.26 billion buy of Nicira, should erase it once and for all.

For Cisco’s SDN strategy look North

Cisco’s plans to capitalize and perhaps marginalize the emerging software defined networking sector are now in full view, and for those wondering how the world’s largest networking gear maker plans to deal with the commodification of networking gear the answer is in the northbound traffic.

VMware CEO: We want to make you technologically hip

The “Facebook generation,” as VMware CEO Paul Martiz called it in a presentation Tuesday morning, is post-PC and post-paper, and they want to experience information within the context in which they’re consuming it. And like it or not, they’re the future. Plan your IT accordingly.

OpenRadio changes what it means to be an ISP

The havoc that OpenFlow is wreaking in the data center may also change the way we think of ISPs, and solve the spectrum crisis. OpenRadio is a project that hopes to use OpenFlow to create pools of broadband from Wi-Fi, cellular and other networks.

Verizon shows off OpenFlow’s benefits for carriers

Verizon has created a partnership with Intel, HP and networking company Adara to help test and understand the benefits that OpenFlow and software defined networks could have on its business. It’s trying to lower the cost of moving data between data center and more.

Big Switch open-sources Floodlight, an OpenFlow controller

Big Switch Networks, a startup using the OpenFlow protocol to help companies build software-defined networks, has open-sourced its controller software, dubbed Floodlight. With this move, it will attempt to unseat networking giant Cisco by creating an ecosystem of startups building tools for SDNs.

Vyatta scores $12M as networking gets hot

Vyatta, which provides open-source networking software, has raised $12 million in expansion round financing as the entire networking field finds itself on the cusp of big changes. The round, its fifth, was led by HighBAR Partners and brings Vyatta’s total funding to $45 million.

Will OpenFlow lower your phone bill?

The mobile industry is in trouble. Its networks are expensive to run. Retail customers want cheap pipes. At a conference Wednesday, a Verizon executive detailed the problem and explained how he wants to use OpenFlow and software-defined networking to lower his costs.