Scribd and the new era of the $10 textbook

The traditional textbook publishing model, based on dead trees and middlemen, can force students to shell out hundreds of dollars for a stack of photocopies. Now, two law professors are offering an alternative at a fraction of the price.

Prop 8 Ruling Is Scribd's Most Viral Doc Ever

Scribd just emailed us to let us know that today’s California Proposition 8 ruling is the most viral document in the history of the site. The document is currently receiving more than 1,000 reads per second, with nearly 150,000 total readsan hour after the ruling.

Scribd Now Sends Docs to Mobile Devices

The online Scribd document service has added a “send to device” option, putting millions of documents right on the phone. The company is also working on Android and iPhone apps to handle content easily. Just hit a button and the doc is sent to the device.

Scribd's iPaper Plan

Scribd, the San Francisco-based startup that was dubbed the “YouTube of Documents,” has finally become worthy of that sobriquet. While I don’t…