San Francisco

7 Stories to read this weekend

When it comes to tech, San Francisco is the company town, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Martin Amis things writing should be about longevity, something no one can accuse Malcolm Gadwell of writing. And an American made car! These are this week’s recommended reading.

Comcast binges on Wi-Fi hotspots in California

Comcast’s Wi-Fi network has pulled up stakes and is heading west to make its fortune in San Francisco and other California cities. The cable operators said it has deployed a “few thousand” hotspots around the state though the greatest concentration is in the Bay Area.

City of SF won’t buy Macs without EPEAT certification

Just days after news hit that Apple no longer wants its computers and monitors evaluated for EPEAT certification, the first public agency has said it will no longer be allowed to buy Macs as a result. The City of San Francisco is (unsurprisingly) first up.

Verizon, Comcast double team AT&T in Bay Area battle

The country’s largest mobile operator and largest cable provider bringing their “quadruple play” service to San Francisco and the Bay Area, jointly marketing Comcast residential TV and broadband and Verizon mobile service. In the process, they’re poking a needle in the eye of mutual enemy AT&T.

Cord Cutters Day Was a Blast

What do Redmond, Royal Oaks and Lima, Peru have in common? It’s all cities where we had meetups for Cord Cutters Day yesterday, thanks in large part to a community that even braves tornado warnings. Check out some photos from a few of the gatherings.

The Daily Sprout

San Jose City Council Approves Tesla Plant: The San Jose City Council unanimously voted to approve Tesla Motors’ new electric car manufacturing…

19 Electric Car Players Pitch San Francisco

The office of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said today that it has received 19 responses to its request for information to electrify the city’s fleet. The responders include electric car players, like Better Place and ZAP, huge consultancies, like Booz Allen Hamilton, and a number of unknowns.

Open APIs In Xohm's Future

It is still not clear what is going to happen to Xohm, Sprint’s planned WiMAX service. Will it be put on ice,…

Where’s James?

You might have noticed that James was absent from our little on-line community yesterday. Per his request, I wanted to share a…

Marc Orchant status update

People the world over are anxiously awaiting every update on Marc Orchant’s condition and this is the latest posted by Michael Sampson…

Death to QuickTime Pro

There might have been a good reason, at some point, for Apple to try selling QuickTime Pro. Not that I can remember…

Oscar Academy: Go back to school

If you sat through the too-long, too-boring narcissist display of Hollywood’s utter lack of creative imagination this past Sunday, aka the Oscars…