Samsung drops bid to keep Apple devices out of European countries

Samsung said in a statement that the move was “in the interest of protecting consumer choice.” But it also could have been related to the European Union’s simultaneous investigation into whether Samsung had violated any laws in fairly licensing standard-essential patents.

Apple’s iPad Is Everywhere!

Even the most bullish estimates for iPad sales were not bullish enough. I saw a lot of iPads across a hugely diverse population on my vacation, and this year we’ll see Apple take steps to maintain its market lead and battle Samsung for tablet supremacy.

Sorry, Big Cable — TV Makers Are the New Gatekeepers

Cable companies and TV programmers are faced with a startling new reality: They are no longer the gatekeepers that decide what consumers see on their new Internet-connected TVs. In this new app-based world, their content is increasingly being placed against options from online services like Netflix.

Why Time Warner Cable Is Cutting Its Own Cord

Soon you won’t need a set-top box to watch cable TV, as Time Warner Cable is moving to make its video services available over broadband. That will not only help it compete against Netflix, but could let it roll out video services on other ISP networks.

Tablets, Tablets Everywhere…

Judging by the newsflow in the lead-up to CES, tablets — especially those powered by Google’s Android OS — are going to be one of the bigg…

2010: Year of the Tablet

This year has seen netbooks decline in popularity and the rise of the tablet to a level few predicted. Apple set the stage for tablet popularity with the release of the iPad that took the world by storm, and Android tablets are hitting the market.

Let’s Get the Most Out of Touch Screen Phones

Engadget has a look at an upcoming Samsung smartphone running Android that offers a second smaller OLED touch screen below its main display. That by itself is intriguing, but when I saw the latest news of the Samsung Continuum, my first thought was why stop there?

Is Apple Working on a 7-Inch Screen iPad?

Apple, perhaps worried about competition from the Android camp, maybe looking to develop a new version of iPad: this one with a 7-inch screen and bring it to market sometime in 2011, according to an analyst. The new iPad will allegedly have both front-and-rear facing cameras.

Samsung Brings Galaxy Tab to U.S. – Sans High Speed

Samsung has officially announced that its iPad competitor, the Galaxy Tab, will be coming soon to all four major carriers in the U.S. Hitting all four carriers is a continuation of the strategy that Samsung employed with the Galaxy S handsets, but lacking 4G.

Android This Week: Verizon Goes Bing; Samsung Mimics Apple

Verizon created a stir this week as word spread it was replacing Google search with Bing on Android handsets. The irony was thick that a competitor’s product would replace its search on smartphones running Google’s own platform. Samsung has adopted Apple’s product line strategy to success.

Samsung: DRAM Glut Coming Due to Weak PC Sales

Samsung is predicting an oversupply of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) used in computers due to expected weak PC sales. The uncertain economic climate is cited as the primary cause for lower than expected PC sales in spite of the upcoming holiday season.

Android This Week: Angry Birds; Galaxy Tab

The collective groans of supervisors was heard this week as the successful Angry Birds game was released for Android. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab this week, a competitor to the iPad. We took doubleTwist for a spin and found it to be iTunes for Android.

Analyst: Tablets to Outsell E-readers

Tablets are going to see tremendous growth, according to a UK analyst firm, as consumers choose them over e-readers. Tablet sales are projected to hit 50 million by 2014, a whopping increase of 1370 percent over the 3.65 million to be sold this year.

Will Tablet Apps Fragment the Android Market?

The Galaxy Tab is looking like a real competitor to the iPad due to apps Samsung has optimized for the larger screen. The need for tablet versions of Android apps will lead to potential confusion in consumers that Google must be prepared to deal with.

Android This Week: Droid 2; EPIC 4G; Video Smackdown

The parade of new Android smartphones continued this week with the appearance of the Motorola Droid 2 and the Samsung EPIC 4G. This week we reviewed both phones, plus we put them against the EVO 4G in a video smackdown showing the phones going head-to-head.

Sprint Readies Samsung Galaxy S Pro: 4G and Keyboard

Sprint will release a second phone on its 4G network later this year. The Samsung Galaxy S Pro is an update to an earlier model with some welcome additions: a QWERTY keyboard, super AMOLED screen and 4G connectivity. There’s a front camera for video chatting, too.

Samsung Prepping 7-Inch Android Galaxy Tape

Samsung is getting ready for a September release of a 7-inch tablet running Android dubbed the Galaxy Tape. The Tape has a super AMOLED screen and runs Android 2.2. It will have a powerful (1.2 GHz) processor and up to 48 GB of storage.

Samsung's $20B Greentech Plan

Samsung sells everything from chemicals to construction. But in recent years the Korean conglomerate has started to turn the wheel towards green technology, and this morning said it plans to spend over $20 billion largely on green tech, including solar cells, battery cells and LEDs.

Samsung’s Stock Rises On Positive Outlook

Samsung Electronics released some financial results for its second quarter today, ahead of the official release July 24, saying that earning…

Samsung Warns Global Handset Sales To Fall

Another handset maker, another warning about growth in cellphone sales. Samsung said today that worldwide market growth on a unit basis

Oh No Not Again Moto

[qi:004] CEO change has had no impact on Motorola’s fortunes. Their handset business continues to spiral downward and is turning into a…

Armani Phone To Be Unveiled

Samsung is teaming up with Armani to launch a branded luxury mobile phone, as well as other electronic products. The credit card-sized cell…

Samsung’s Joystick Phone

Samsung has filed a patent which involves using the bottom half of a flip-phone as a joystick. “It may sound simple, but it actually require…

Samsung Launches Mobile Music Site In Europe

Samsung has partnered with MusicNet to launch a music download and subscription service in the UK, France and Germany. The service will use…

IPhone Rivals Are Not “Answers”

As the launch of the iPhone draws near the stories on it haven’t let up. The Wall Street Journal has a piece on mobile phones that are (or w…

Earnings: Telco Business Props Up Samsung

Samsung Electronics has released its first quarter earnings for this year, showing a net profit of 1.60 trillion won (US$1.72 billion) on re…

Mossberg on UpStage From Sprint

Correction: I earlier mistakenly said Verizon Wireless…the phone is on Sprint (Thanks Robin).
He consider it innovative as an idea, but p…

Samsung’s New SMS Format

Samsung has filed a patent for a new way of handling SMS, reports Unwired (via Engadget). The patent, Mobile communication terminal and meth…

Mobile Linux Group Named LiMo

The alliance dedicated to promoting mobile Linux has named itself LiMo, ZDNet UK reports. The alliance was formed in June last year and incl…

Google To Be Embedded On Samsung Phones

Google and Samsung have signed a deal to put Google onto the Sth Korean manufacturers handsets, reports AFP. There will be a Google icon in…

Time To Rename The Cell Phone?

The moves by handset manufacturers to rename the devices they make have been generally met with derision, but now BusinessWeek is suggesting…

Google 600, 2000, 4000

Andy Kessler, who made his bones with Wall Street Meat, a book that skewered people being welcomed back by John Battelle sums…