Quarterly Wrap-up

Buyer’s Lens fourth-quarter 2013: analysis and outlook

The fourth quarter of 2013 found companies grappling to manage the transformation being brought on by cloud, mobile, analytics, and social technologies. Firms must now adapt to all this new technology so thoroughly penetrating the enterprise.


Delivering positive ROI from mobile-enabled projects

Enterprises can achieve much by focusing on a business-driven, ROI-focused approach to BYOD strategies. Every mobility project varies in the amount of ROI delivered and how each organization (whether enterprise or government) measures the net savings, new opportunities, or operational efficiencies. This report looks at seven real examples from enterprises that are benefiting from a positive ROI.

4 keys to selling to enterprise customers (part two)

Enterprise consumerization is growing through BYOD, but many startups don’t understand how to sell into this market. GoInstant’s CEO Jevon MacDonald looks at the key questions startup founders must ask of themselves in order to break in.

5 keys to selling to enterprise customers (part one)

IT is loosening its chokehold on software purchasing decisions and consumer-like products are finding their way into enterprise software. These changes are generating unprecedented opportunities for software startups. GoInstant’s CEO Jevon MacDonald lists the key questions startups should consider before selling into the enterprise market.

On heels of new iPad, iPhone still drives Apple earnings

When Apple announces its 2012 second fiscal quarter earnings on Tuesday, it’s sure to boast about new iPad sales. But the iPhone is still the product that will have the biggest impact on the company’s results and how Wall Street reacts.

Refurbished iPad 2s get a price drop

On Friday Apple quietly increased the discounts on refurbished iPad 2s, offering some considerable savings just in time for the holidays. The 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 now starts at $419, which is $80 cheaper than buying it new.

Apple on track for record quarter thanks to strong iPhone debut

Analysts are making bold predictions about Apple’s performance during its current quarter, saying the company has had its “best November ever.” That’s according to Ticonderoga’s Brian White; Canaccord’s T. Michael Walkley also crowed about Apple’s recent sales success, albeit with a caveat.

Apple starts publishing weekly top app charts in the UK

Apple will now be publishing weekly rankings for the App Store in the UK. In partnership with the Press Association, the charts will appear weekly and detail the top 10 in four categories, providing a slightly different perspective than the up-to-the minute internal App Store rankings.

Mac on track for yet another record quarter

For the current quarter, Apple is set to break Mac sales records yet again, according to figures released Monday by NPD. The Mac, though no longer Apple’s flashiest device category, is its least volatile in terms of competition and growth.

As China PC sales grow, more plan to buy Apple

A new Morgan Stanley survey found that Apple is the most desirable brand of computer in China right now, beating out local heavyweight Lenovo. China became the biggest buyer of personal computers as of August, according to IDC, so that’s great news for Apple.

IPhone 4S demand remains strong at home and abroad

Apple’s iPhone 4S hit parade continues to roll on, according to notes from two investment analysis firms on Monday. In the U.S., the 4S continues to sell out daily in Apple retail stores, while demand for preorders also remain strong as the device rolls out internationally.

China is now Apple’s second-most important market

China isn’t just where Apple manufactures products. It’s now the country delivering the most revenue for them after the U.S. In the most recent quarter, China accounted for 16 percent of the Apple’s sales, and the company says it will continue to increase its presence.

Big discounts as Apple clears out refurbished iPads

Apple is offering special limited time pricing on select models of refurbished first-generation iPads, which can knock as much as $230 off the original purchase price. Discounted models include the 32 GB Wi-Fi + 3G version, and both 64 GB Wi-FI and Wi-Fi + 3G models.

iPhone 4S goes on sale in the U.S.

The iPhone 4S is now officially available for sale at Apple retail stores in the east coast U.S., as well as at partner retail stores. Retail sales began at 8 a.m. Friday morning, but lines formed long before then, extending into the hundreds in many locations.

Apple is pretty cool, but Aston Martin is cooler

Apple is almost the coolest brand in the world, according to the latest CoolBrands survey, but the top honor goes to fast cars. Aston Martin ranked as the coolest overall brand, but Apple ranks second, beating out any and all of its closest competitors.

Apple passes Lenovo in Chinese sales revenue

Apple has been showing strong growth in greater China in recent quarterly reports, and now it looks like the company is even beating a longtime regional heavyweight for the first time, taking in $3.8 billion in sales revenue vs. Lenovo’s $2.8 billion last quarter.

iPhones and iPads drive Softbank’s explosive Q1 profits

In case anyone doubts the power of Apple’s devices to lift the fortunes of its cellular network operator partners, Softbank’s newly reported fiscal first-quarter results should prove convincing. The Japanese carrier saw a nearly five-fold jump in profits compared to the same period last year.

Apple Retail 2.0 First Impressions and Video

After reading Darrell’s excellent appraisal of Apple’s new retail model, I had to run out and see fit for myself. After all, 10 years ago Apple’s minimalist approach was unusual and out of step. Is Apple Retail 2.0 a step forward, or a step back?

The Real Strength of Apple Retail: Change

On the 10th anniversary of Apple Retail, it is amazing to consider the great success that the company has had with a program many thought was doomed to fail. A big part of the secret to that success can be attributed to Apple’s openness to change.

SaleLocator Replaces Retail Flyers With iPhone App

Like the website, the new SaleLocator iPhone app launched Tuesday is a local retail sales search engine that helps users find deals on stuff at brick-and-mortar stores. SaleLocator makes deal discovery quick and painless, and it’s a recipe that has big retail chains interested.

The iPad 2 Launch Day in Pictures and Video

The iPad 2 launch day is upon us, and as predicted, there are lines at Apple Store locations across the country. We’ve got staff at a few different locations who’ll be keeping us updated with pics and video, which we’ll post here for you to see.

The MacBook Air Succeeds as Apple’s Post-PC PC

Apple’s redesigned MacBook Air is selling very well, having reached 1.1 million units shipped in its first quarter of availability according to analyst estimates. But don’t think that just because Apple’s newest PC is succeeding, its post-PC rhetoric is mere iPad 2 marketing babble.

Report: 1M Verizon iPhones Sold at Launch

Just because there weren’t long lines at Verizon and Apple stores when the iPhone 4 launched on Verizon’s network Feb. 10 doesn’t mean the device didn’t sell well. In fact, new estimates based on info from Verizon put initial sales somewhere around the 1 million mark.

Verizon’s Day One Sales May Have Exceeded 500K

Early speculation was that Verizon’s day one pre-order sales were somewhere in the order of 100,000 devices, but JPMorgan analyst Phil Cusick thinks the real figure could be more than five times larger, with over 500,000 sold before pre-orders were cut off.

iPhone Pre-Sales Result in Record Day for Verizon

Yesterday’s pre-sales of the iPhone 4 were a huge success. Both Apple and Verizon stopped accepting orders late in the day, with pre-orders sold out, and Verizon today announced that it represented the most successful first day sales in company history.

Strong Holiday Quarter Sales Estimates for Apple

Apple is expected to report very strong results at its quarterly conference call Jan. 18. Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore raised his initial estimates for Apple’s product sales during the company’s first quarter of its financial year, which includes December, based on retail channel checks.

The Ongoing Decline of the Desktop Mac

Outside the diminutive circles of Mac enterprise IT, the end of the Xserve will hardly be noticed, but perhaps it should. Up until today, there were four categories of Mac desktop, and now there are three. How long before there are none?

Startup Strategies: You Can’t Grow Without Process

As a company grows from a “seat of the pants” entrepreneurial company to a process-driven, mechanized one, the sales process has to change, too. Mark Suster lists the most important things sales teams need to standardize, based on the lessons he learned from his own startups.

Startup Strategies: Overcome Customers’ Objections

Salespeople who have been with a startup since the beginning intuitively know how to overcome the hurdles that potential customers put up to avoid making a purchase. Mark Suster shows how a growing company can codify this knowledge to more effectively arm its sales team.

Startup Strategies: Aim Your Sales Efforts

For startups to grow, they need to adopt some big-company practices, especially concerning the sales team. In the first post of a three-part series, entrepreneur-turned-VC Mark Suster shows how growing companies should assess the deals in their sales pipelines and help sales teams focus their time.

Apple Moves Into Fourth in Global Mobile Phone Sales

Jumping past Research in Motion, Apple has entered the top five in global mobile phone sales, trailing only Nokia, Samsung, and LG. Number four may not count for much in the realm of professional sports, but it means a lot in the technology business.

Back to Mac Event: Mac Platform Stronger Than Ever

CEO Steve Jobs began today’s Apple event by turning over the stage to COO Tim Cook, who gave a short “State of the Mac” speech illustrating both the strength of the platform and its importance to Apple. The numbers show that iOS isn’t Apple’s only success.

iPad Claims New Honor: Fastest Selling Electronic Device Ever

Analysts at Bernstein Research have bestowed an interesting honor upon Apple’s groundbreaking tablet device: that of fastest selling electronic device of all time. Adoption rates for the iPad are unparalleled when it comes to non-phone devices, selling an estimated 4.5 million units per quarter.

Apple Doubles iPad Production, May Triple Soon

The Apple iPad recently became available to ship within 24 hours for the first time since it began production in April. It looks like that might be due to a ramp up in production on the part of Apple’s manufacturing partners, not a dwindling of interest.

Over 250,000 Apps Now in the App Store

Apple’s App Store now offers a selection of over 250,000 apps — a record reached in just a little over two years since the App Store first opened its digital doors. Further insight revealed that the average price of a paid application is now $2.67.

Groupon Close to Half a Billion Dollars in Sales

Groupon says it expects to end the year with as many as 25 million subscribers and $400 million in sales. Chief operating officer Rob Solomon also says the company’s promotional campaign for The Gap was so successful it has been fielding calls from other national advertisers.

Apple Q3 2010: Record Mac Sales

Anyone who thought the Mac is dead needs to think different(ly). Apple sold 3.472 million Macs last quarter, along with 3.270 million iPads to sync them with. Out of sync, were iPod and iPhone sales, but for Apple it was another quarter for the record books.

iPad Sales Outpace the Mac

Apple wasn’t kidding around when it said it was going to become a mobile device company first and foremost. According to at least one analyst estimate, the iPad is now outselling the Mac by a fair margin, having almost caught up to its cousin, the iPhone.

iPad: Slayer of Netbook Sales

The iPad may be partially responsible for the slow demise of netbook sales, according to a Morgan Stanley market analyst. In a report for Morgan Stanley clients, the impact of the iPad is causally linked to the rapid decline of the netbook sales growth curve.

iPad Launch: The Official Apple Numbers

Before Steve Jobs moved into the details of iPhone OS 4.0 today, he paused to share some of the positive news about the iPad release from last weekend. Apple sold quite a few iPads on launch day and customers have responded to the device by downloading lots of apps and e-books.

Day One: 300,000 iPads Sold

Apple has announced that on Saturday more than 300,000 iPads were sold, including pre-orders, deliveries to channel partners, and sales at Apple Retail Stores. Steve Jobs, no doubt from his iPad, was ebullient.

Apple Looking to Have Record iPhone Quarter: Report

According to information gathered from parts suppliers for Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone 3GS, the handset is headed for a record quarter. Apple’s Taiwanese suppliers for the iPhone’s components have reported a 31 percent increase in volume of orders placed for the parts.

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