How GoDaddy is growing into a SaaS company

Web-hosting giant GoDaddy is trying to grow into a products company to help its small business customers move into the modern computing era rather than just hosting their websites. A conversion to mobile websites is first, but cloud services are on the horizon.

The problem with SaaS metrics

Many SaaS startups will eventually be acquired. Unfortunately, most of the acquiring companies don’t use SaaS metrics. As Matt Fates of Ascent Venture Partners explains, if potential acquirers don’t recognize the overall value of a SaaS company, negotiations will be hindered from the start.

Why Might End Up Building Data Centers

SaaS leader is growing so fast that the company is considering the possibility of building its own data centers within the next few years, Rich Miller reported at Data Center Knowledge. The company currently hosts about 3,000 servers across the globe.

ScaleXtreme: The of Systems Management?

Its first product won’t even be available until this spring, but Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup ScaleXtreme already has big plans: to become, as CEO and Co-founder Nand Mulchandani puts it, “the of the systems management market” by taking the complexity out of systems management.

Single Sign-On Simplifies App Management and Access

As we adopt more and more cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for work, keeping track of those logins and passwords becomes a real pain. For companies, knowing which employees have access to which services and which content becomes a security, compliance and operations nightmare.

CA Wants to Be the Enterprise Watchdog in the Cloud

Over the past year, CA has been buying up startups across a variety of disciplines –- Cassatt, NetQoS and Oblicore –- each of which plays a critical role in CA’s mission to become the leader in managing cloud-connected IT departments. Who will it buy next?

Should Cisco Offer a SaaS Cloud?

Cisco yesterday announced the WebEx Collaboration Cloud, a new SaaS architecture specifically built to enhance the collaborative capabilities of its WebEx solution.…