LA, Miami and Middle America to Get WiMAX

Clearwire said today that it would expand its WiMAX network to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and St. Louis this year. Clearwire is in a race to sign up mobile broadband subscribers before the cellular operators launch their own 4G networks.

U.S. Carriers Are Running Out of Growth Options

It’s hard to grow in a saturated market, but despite the 89 percent cell phone penetration the U.S. has, AT&T managed to pull out some impressive revenue growth, thanks to consolidation. But for U.S. carriers future growth will require new business models and applications.

Forget Cable's WiMAX Dreams: Cox Trials LTE Network

Cox, the nation’s third-largest cable company, today said it had successfully delivered a voice call and high-definition video streaming over a fourth-generation Long Term Evolution network, but the trial raises more questions than it answers about the cable provider’s 4G wireless plans.

Carriers Get a Wake-up Call

Carriers are rapidly losing their power in today’s mobile ecosystem. To stay relevant they will have to become more agile, learn to share and use their cash to move ahead rather than play a waiting game hoping the Googles and Apples of the world will fail.

Clearwire Amps Up Retail Presence

Clearwire has opened retail stores in 10 U.S. cities as part of pushing its Clear WiMAX service to the masses. However, given how few WiMax-capable devices there are right now, the retail environment must seem pretty empty.

The Clear Dilemma

Clearwire, (s clwr) as expected, said today that it’s managed to cajole $1.56 billion out of most of its previous investors to…

Sprint Flips the WiMAX Switch in Chicago

[qi:gigaom_icon_WiMax] Sprint (s s) continued to move ahead with its WiMAX rollout, flipping the switch in Chicago, three markets in Texas (Dallas/Fort…

What Is It About e-Readers?

If I were to bet on a device that would benefit most from wireless access, it wouldn’t be a digital book reader, not in a nation where roughly half the people don’t read novels. A personal navigation device, an MP3 player on which one can download songs, even a handheld gaming unit all seem to be more popular with consumers — and offer better opportunities to show off wireless access. So why the focus on e-readers?

The GigaOM Interview: MetroPCS COO Tom Keys

The broken economy, consumer acceptance of unlimited wireless plans and a series of business decisions have positioned MetroPCS for growth, according to the company’s COO, Tom Keys. In this GigaOM interview, Keys talks about the business opportunity for MetroPCS, and its plans to transition to the LTE fourth generation wireless network.

Where's the Google Phone Bump?

[digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/Where_s_the_Google_Phone_Bump]T-Mobile said today that it had 32.8 million customers as of the end of the fourth quarter after adding 621,000 more during the…

Eli’s Dirty Jokes Score Cinemax Deal

Eli’s Dirty Jokes — an animated series that brings to life jokes told by 79-year-old Eli Buchalter, the accountant for web studio GoPotato.tv, which produces the show — will begin airing on Cinemax.

Sprint Loses Customers But Gets a Reprieve on Debt

Unlike the many consumers facing unsympathetic lenders, when you’re a money-losing telecommunications firm that has a $9.39 billion market cap, you can still renegotiate your debt. Today after reporting a third quarter loss of $326 million and the defection of 1.3 million customers, Sprint said it had renegotiated its debt.

Google Wins Big at FCC Today

The FCC today opened up the wireless communications market with its approval of a plan to allow independent devices to operate in the spectrum between digital TV channels; it also OKd the merger of spectrum between Sprint and Clearwire as well as Verizon’s $28.1 billion deal to buy Alltel, creating two new wireless networks backed, in part, by Google.

Worldwide WiMAX Growth Wows

When it comes to the next generation of wireless broadband, the carriers seem to have LTE, all sewn up, but WiMAX isn’t anything to scoff at. WiMAX service, deployed in the U.S. by Sprint and 13 rural carriers, is gaining ground in other areas of the world, especially India, according to data published today by TeleGeography Research.

CenturyTel's Embarq Buy May Set Off Consolidation

After a few weeks of seeking a suitor, Embarq (s EQ), the landline unit spun off from Sprint in 2006, has enticed CenturyTel into paying $5.8 billion in stock, and assuming $5.8 billion in debt for the nation’s fourth largest local exchange carrier.

Intel Commits to Wireless Broadband in Any Flavor

Today Intel Corp. said it would add HSPA functionality to its Moorsetown chips slated to hit mobile Internet devices in 2009 or 2010. Coming from a firm that has spent billions pushing WiMAX the news reads like an admission of doubt for WiMAX, but it’s really just a recognition that wireless broadband is so central to the user experience.

Credit Crunch Could Stall Clearwire Network

The worsening financial environment could slow the deployment of the Clearwire nationwide network. The Sprint-Clearwire joint venture should close before the end of the year, but building a nationwide network might take longer if debt stays expensive.

Network Management Doesn't Have to Be Evil

The blogosphere yesterday was in an uproar over the network management practices Sprint disclosed on its web site in conjunction with its launch of the Xohm WiMAX service. But the issue is about more than Sprint throttling traffic on its network during times of congestion; it’s about a consumers’ right to know what happens to their traffic on the network.

The Operators vs. the Media Brands

The communications and media/online industries are at loggerheads, and how this battle shapes up over the course of the next few months will define they we way will consume media, entertainment and information.

Drive-By WiMAX at CES

After talking earlier this week about the speed bumps that U.S. WiMAX deployment faces, it only seemed proper to take a ride…

Intel: WiMAX PC Card by June

Intel Executive VP Sean Maloney, at CES here in Las Vegas, said the company will have a “middle-of-[this]-year-release” for its WiMAX PC…

More Speed Bumps Ahead for WiMAX

One of the promotional gimmicks planned for next week’s CES show are rides around Vegas in a car with mobile WiMAX Internet…