I bought a MotoActv for running (but wear it all day)

Tired of running with a smartphone, I dropped $199 for a MotoActv last week. Yet, I’ve unexpectedly found myself wearing it every minute of the day since I bought it. Why? It’s essentially equal parts FitBit health tracker, iPod Nano(s aapl) and exercise tracking app.

RunKeeper races ahead with 9 new app partners

RunKeeper announced nine new partner software titles on Monday, bringing the total number of compatible apps to 45. RunKeeper’s “secret sauce” is its HealthGraph effort, a method for health-tracking apps and devices to speak to each other in the same language.

RunKeeper builds a fitness network with Health Graph API

RunKeeper is now poised to become a full-fledged fitness network with the release of a Health Graph API, which opens up the RunKeeper experience enabling a host of apps and devices to publish to RunKeeper’s FitnessFeed and contribute to its Health Graph.

Running App RunKeeper Pro Looks Beyond Running & Apps

RunKeeper Pro’s move to a permanently free model last month signaled a bigger shift for the company as it moves beyond its roots as a running app and branches out to a wider audience across a multitude of connected devices.

Foursquare Builds More Bridges to the Real World

As part of the company’s continuing attempts to move beyond the “check-in,” Foursquare has announced a partnership with the app RunKeeper that allows users to win badges based on a range of achievements, and Foursquare’s CEO says the company is also testing a recommendation service.

RunKeeper Lands on Android

Timed perfectly with the Boston Marathon is today’s launch of RunKeeper for Android. I use this app to track my workouts and have them automatically mapped online for a training history. There’s even a live broadcast feature so friends and family can “watch” you move.