How to spread an Apple rumor

A Swedish production company explains how it created an Apple rumor last week and watched it propagate on Apple blogs. As cynical as the exercise was, it demonstrates how fast a totally unsourced image from an internet forum can be repackaged and given credibility.

Rumor roundup: A thinner, shinier LTE iPhone?

We’re likely months removed from the introduction of the next-generation iPhone, yet predictably rumors about the device, its components, its appearance and when it will arrive are already flying fast and furious. Here’s our quick rundown of the scuttlebutt surrounding Apple’s highly anticipated next phone.

Samsung manager testifies to early iPad info leaks

At least one of the people behind those “industry sources” attributions in Apple rumor articles is very real. Former Samsung manager Suk-Joo Hwang testified before a federal court on Wednesday that he had disclosed information about iPad components before the product was announced.

2011: Year of Two iPad 2s?

Despite speculation from reputable sources, 2011 appears to indeed be the year of the iPad 2, not the iPad 2.5, and almost certainly not an iPad 3. But, as Apple has demonstrated in the past, just because something doesn’t add up doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Microsoft and Adobe: A Threat to Apple’s Creativity?

The New York Times is reporting that two companies with good reason to fear Apple’s (s aapl) growing influence in the tech industry recently got together to talk business. The hour-long meeting saw Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer meet Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen at Adobe HQ.

Your Next iPad: What Features Will It Have?

An idiosyncratic survey of German consumers may not be indicative of what the rest of the world wants in the next iPad, but it does make you wonder what, exactly, Apple will do with the iPad 2. Here are the top six desired features.

Rumor Has It: The Case for iDVD’s Future

Of course, it’s only a rumor, but the word among bloggers is that iDVD will not be included in iLife ’11 and will be replaced by a mystery app that has nothing to do with DVD authoring. But why?

Verizon Customers Want iPhone, Can’t Have It

According to survey respondents to a ChangeWave Research survey of over 4,000 customers, more than 40 percent of Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile customers would seriously considering buying an iPhone were it available to them, as would just over a majority of Verizon customers.

Rumor Has It: iPad to Launch Worldwide On April 24

Despite Apple’s iPad being just a few short days away from release here in the U.S., the Cupertino-based company has not yet specified a definitive date for the tablet’s international launch. However, according to recent whispers from Apple store employees a date may now be in sight.

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