If you want to make a well-designed product, give it some love

At the center of any good product design is a whole lot of heart. Mladen Barbaric, the founder and CEO of Pearl Studios, explained at Gigaom’s Roadmap conference Wednesday why design is a “deeply human and profoundly emotional” process, and design projects created with love have a better chance to resonate with the general populace.

Design, culture and tech’s turn to minimalism

In the mid-20th century, designers turned away from heavy concrete to embrace lighter, more subtle materials. A similar shift is underway in the tech industry right now, as companies are adopting minimalism as a way to overcome the demands posed by small screens and powerful processors.

Remaking a city by rethinking its design

For workspace designer Jennifer Magnolfi, tackling a crumbling downtown Las Vegas and turning it into a place that inspires interaction and creativity was a whole new experience. What she saw, though, was that smart design can have amazing effects even in unlikely places.

Roadmap 2013 live coverage

Here you’ll find links to all our coverage from Roadmap 2013, our look at how design is the foundation of experience in the modern tech world.

5 lessons from redesigning

Government isn’t exactly known for good design. Design firm Huge used design to improve the city government’s website and, by extension, city services.

Pinterest CEO: We’re competing to keep your attention

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said at GigaOM RoadMap that creating an experience for users to share what they find appealing and beautiful has been a challenge, but nothing like keeping them engaged in an era of shortened attention spans.

Yves Behar: Connectedness is what design does best

What ties many design parts together into a highly desired, functional product? Connectedness, ranging from user interface, user experience, product functions and self-healing, says Yves Behar. Touch is a big factor and you might be surprised by which companies Behar says are doing it right.

Instagram CEO: Sandy was probably Instagram’s biggest moment

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said Hurricane Sandy was probably the company’s biggest moment, with users tagging 800,000 photos with the “#Sandy” hashtag, compared to about 85,000 photos tagged with the Super Bowl hashtag this year. He said they embraced the participatory nature.

RoadMap 2012

When we first got our hands on computers, we weren’t concerned as much about how they looked as opposed to what they…

RoadMap 2012 live coverage

Here you’ll find live coverage of GigaOM RoadMap 2012, as well as a link to the livestream of the event. Join us for what promises to be one of the most interesting and wide-ranging discussions we’ve hosted all year on design in the age of connectedness.

The Pinterest-ization of the e-commerce experience

Pinterest has been one of the biggest web success stories of past 12 months. Its growing influence on fashion and product oriented web sites is now extending to e-commerce sites. A growing number of e-tailers from eBay to mom-and-pop operations are adopting the grid-like look.

How to design for the ears

Pandora’s CTO Tom Conrad talks to us about designing for the ears, as part of the book we’re creating for our RoadMap conference, which will take place on November 5th in San Francisco, and will focus on design in the age of connectedness.

Kickstarter’s Perry Chen to speak at our RoadMap conference

Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Perry Chen is the latest to join an all star line-up of speakers for GigaOM RoadMap conference, scheduled to be held on November 5 in San Francisco. Other speakers include Evan Williams (Twitter and Obvious), Instagram’s Kevin Systrom and Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp.

The future of technology means making the computer disappear

Whether it’s mobile devices like Square’s payment system or products that monitor our health and wellness, one of the threads running through the recent GigaOM RoadMap conference was the idea that successful technology involves making the computer disappear, even as it becomes more powerful.

What’s the next frontier in the connected world?

The world today is more plugged in than ever before. The question now is: Are there still new frontiers that can benefit from added connectivity? We pulled aside a few tech industry leaders who spoke at the GigaOM RoadMap 2011 conference to find out.

Need to optimize your sleep? There’s an app for that.

It might sound like science fiction, but Jawbone Founder and CEO Hosain Rahman says we’re headed to an era where our bodies can be connected to everything in our worlds, including our air conditioners. But it all starts with gathering data and understanding what it means.

The book is great technology, but it’s not good for everything

Printed books may have been groundbreaking technology 500 years ago, and they still have plenty of value as an information-distribution platform — but they are no longer good for every purpose, Matt MacInnis of digital textbook publisher Inkling told the GigaOM RoadMap conference on Thursday.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg to speak at RoadMap

Matt Mullenweg, who created the Wordpress blogging platform and co-founded a spinoff called Automattic, says he is committed to supporting the open-source movement because he and Wordpress have benefited from it so much. Matt will be speaking about this and other topics at GigaOM’s RoadMap conference.