No, an internet tax won’t save journalism — or newspapers

An editor at the Guardian argues that newspapers should be funded by a tax on internet service providers, because public journalism needs to be supported. But there are a host of flaws with the idea, including the fact that large newspapers are not synonymous with journalism.

Value Facebook like Apple — and its worth plummets

Many people would argue that Apple is the strongest company today. But if you applied the Apple valuation on Facebook’s revenue, Facebook would trade at $10 billion, not $57 billion (as of market close), down from more than $100 billion on its inaugural IPO date.

Facebook and advertising: between a rock and a hard place

As it gets closer to what could be a $100 billion stock offering, Facebook faces increasing pressure to prove it is a powerful advertising platform. But some advertisers still appear to be skeptical about how much value they are getting from the giant social network.

Pound for pound, Pandora ads now worth more than radio

Internet radio company Pandora reported the financial results of its first three months as a public company Thursday. The company confirmed that while it still has a long way to go before it reaches the listener levels of traditional radio, its ads are now just as valuable.

Comcast adds 144K to bring broadband subs to 17.55 million

Comcast says it added 144,000 new broadband subscribers during the second quarter of 2011. Thanks to growing demand for higher-speed tiers, the company saw its revenues jump almost 10 percent to $2.2 billion for the quarter, thanks to 17.55 million broadband subscribers.

Can big data make Groupon profitable?

Groupon’s prospectus for an IPO started arguments over the company’s huge losses. Silicon Valley wants Groupon to look like a technology company, but right now it’s more or less in the Yellow Pages business. But by better applying big data analysis, Groupon could start seeing profits.

5 Startups That Buck the Bubble Trend

Silicon Valley is abuzz once again with “bubble” talk, claiming that the tech industry is ripe for a big fall. But the latest bubble warnings miss the mark. Overall, a healthy amount of the companies that make up the web scene today are built to last.

Apple’s iOS Is the Big Revenue Bread-Winner

Apple’s iOS (software and devices) is responsible for about 75 percent of Apple’s profits as of last quarter, while OS X is responsible for only about 20 percent, according to a new report from market intelligence firm Asymco. Still, the Mac is doing better than ever.

Apple Revenue Grab May Rock the Boat, Not Capsize It

There’s a lot of chatter out there that Apple’s new subscription plans could endanger its relationship with content providers, and might incur legal action. Apple may be in for a bumpy ride as it implements the new system, but don’t think it’s anywhere close to capsizing.

More Proof Apple TV Is Actually a Netflix Box

Apple has indeed crossed the 1 million Apple TVs sold mark, as it predicted it would shortly before Christmas. I argued that its relative success was mostly due to Neftlix being available on the device, and a new report from an industry analyst supports that view.

Apple Beats Microsoft’s Third Quarter Revenue

Apple keeps taking things away from Microsoft. First, it was smartphone market share, knocking down poor Windows Mobile. Then, it was size as measured by market capitalization, with Apple moving into second in May. As of today, it’s quarterly revenue.

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In the course of playing and reviewing a number of iPhone games, I realize I’ve come to expect, and even allow for,…

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