Remote Control

Turn the original iPad into a home theater remote

Whether you are looking to justify the purchase of the new iPad, or just want to repurpose an earlier version of the tablet, you should consider abandoning any personal attachments you may have had, and turn your iPad into the ultimate home theater component. Here’s how to do it.

Dijit Turns Your iPhone Into a Roku Remote Control

Searching for movie or TV show titles on your Roku media player just got easier thanks to a new universal remote control app called Dijit. The app turns our iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a Roku remote, complete with onscreen keyboard and customizable gestures.

The Second Screen Will Soon Control the Living Room

Mobile devices will become the next generation of TV remote controls, as pay TV providers and consumer electronics companies turn to mobile apps as a way to improve search and navigation. And why not? After all, viewers are using those devices while watching TV already.

iPhone 5 Could Use NFC to Turn Any Mac Into Your Mac

The next iPhone could take advantage of Near Field Communication to allow you to take your preferences, files and even applications from your Mac and use them on other Apple computers. The inclusion of NFC tech could make having Macs on premises a priority for businesses.

Chrome to Phone, Google TV and the Need for Browsers

Google’s new Chrome to Phone extension makes it possible to send YouTube videos from your laptop to your Android handset with the click of a single button. That’s clever – and also gives us an idea of how Google TV could work in concert with browsers.

iPhone Becomes a Universal Remote This February

A new third-party accessory and software combo announced at CES will turn an iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote capable of controlling home theater equipment. The L5 Remote will cost around $49.95, and avoids some shortcomings found in previous similar offerings.

Apple TV & Remote Updated

I have really enjoyed my Apple TV since the beginning, but I will admit that I enjoy it a lot more with…