Activist investor buys large stake in Redbox Activist investor Barry Rosenstein has bought a 14.5 percent share in Outerwall, the parent company of Redbox, for around $204 million,…

Redbox wants to start streaming before Santa comes

Stocking stuffers anyone? I know, it’s only September, but Redbox and Verizon are already looking forward to the holiday season, when they plan to launch their Netflix competitor. The service, dubbed Redbox Instant by Verizon, also wants to offer pay-per-view streaming on its website.

Redbox Instant: No TV shows, way fewer movies

Redbox Instant by Verizon doesn’t want to beat Netflix with a bigger catalog, but rather focus on fewer titles that matter. You know, like that Redbox kiosk in your supermarket. Coinstar CEO Paul Davis revealed some details about the service during an interview.

Netflix, Blu-ray lead home entertainment back to growth

Has the long-moribund home entertainment sector finally started to turn the corner? Significant growth from subscription streaming and Blu-ray rentals and sales give the industry its second up quarter out of the last three, according to studio-funded research firm the Digital Entertainment Group.

What Warner Bros.’ 8-week DVD window really means

A lot has been made of Warner Bros. and its new eight-week window for DVD rental firms. But the new window is unlikely to change much for companies like Netflix, Redbox or Blockbuster. While Netflix users will wait longer, Blockbuster and Redbox users likely won’t.

What Netflix effect? Redbox will raise rates instead

Redbox was expected to be one of the big beneficiaries of Netflix’s most recent price change. But there wasn’t any apparent effect in Redbox’s numbers, as parent Coinstar reported revenues just slightly above Wall Street consensus. Worse, Redbox announced it is raising rates itself.

Netflix has nothing to fear from Amazon’s big VOD library

Amazon announced today that it has more than 100,000 titles available for rent in its online video-on-demand library. That’s a big number, but it’s not really a threat to Netflix’s subscription streaming service. After all, bigger isn’t always better, and people love all-you-can-eat services.

With Redbox deal, Foursquare goes beyond bar hoppers

Beginning next week, Redbox users will be able to get discounts on rentals when they check in at kiosks on Foursquare. For the location-based service, it’s one way to grab new users who don’t already share where they are, and introduce them to new places.

Netflix, Redbox are bright spots for Hollywood

Now there’s even more evidence that movie viewers are turning to a rental, rather than a purchase, model for their home entertainment needs. Subscription services like Netflix and kiosk rentals from Redbox were bright spots in an otherwise dismal second quarter for the big Hollywood studios.

Zediva: The Love Child of Netflix and Redbox?

What would happen if you mashed up Redbox’s $1 a night movie rentals with Netflix’s online streaming service? You’d probably get something like Zediva, which lets you rent DVDs online and stream them — subtitles, special features and all — over the Internet.

Disney’s Big Bet on Digital Distribution

Disney discussed its digital strategy at its Investor Conference, announcing an initiative called Studio All Access and citing the need to experiment with different digital distribution platforms and strategies. At the same time, it is raising the rates it charges DVD rental firms for its discs.

Redbox’s Netflix Competitor: Too Little, Too Late?

Redbox is still dragging its feet on streaming, telling analysts yesterday that it was still picking a partner for a subscription service that will be launched later this year. But it has its work cut out for it if it plans to compete against Netflix.

Redbox Is Finally Feeling the Netflix Effect

Redbox parent Coinstar missed its quarterly revenue projections by a wide margin, blaming weak titles and its 28-day rental window. But it is also suffering due to competition from online services. After all, why go to a kiosk when you can rent from home?

3 Connected-Consumer Companies to Watch in 2011

Some of the biggest technology tail winds driving the consumer space in 2011 will include connected entertainment devices, over-the-top video, real-time communication and continued integration of social software into entertainment platforms. Combine all this with rising consumer confidence, and we can expect an action-packed year.

Get Ready To Wait Even Longer For Your Netflix Rentals

Hollywood studios began striking deals earlier this year to ensure new release DVDs weren’t available for rent from Netflix or Redbox for 28 days until after they had gone on sale. But if certain studio execs have their way, the wait might get even longer.

Who Will Redbox Choose as Its Digital Partner?

While Redbox confirmed that it would have a digital video offering in 2011, and said it would do so with a partner, it had little to say about the specifics of what such a plan would look like. Here’s who we think that partner might be.

Redbox Hits One Billionth Rental

DVD kiosk rental firm Redbox hit a major milestone, announcing its one billionth movie rental. As a result, it is giving away free rentals to users and launching a contest to give away a free trip to the People’s Choice Awards or a Sony Entertainment System.

Blu-ray Discs Are Coming to Redbox For $1.50 a Pop

Consumers can now rent Blu-ray discs at more than 13,000 Redbox kiosks around the country. They’ll have to pay a premium to watch their rentals in high-def, however; Blu-ray discs cost $1.50 a pop, as opposed to the $1 per night that Redbox is famous for.

Redbox Readying a Streaming Offering

Redbox is looking to the web to augment its dollar-a-day DVD rental service, according to a report by Bloomberg. The streaming service, which is expected to be announced by October, could help boost revenues and position Redbox as yet another competitive threat against Netflix.

Paramount: Redbox Had ‘Minimal Impact’ on DVD Sales

After 10 months of studying Redbox rental data, Paramount decided that its $1 nightly rentals were having a negligible effect on new release sales. The result? The studio struck a deal to let Redbox rent its new releases on the same day they go on sale.

Redbox to Rent Blu-ray Discs for $1.50 a Night

Redbox will soon get into the Blu-ray rental market, according to company president Mitch Lowe. Speaking at an industry trade show, he said Redbox would use its existing footprint to rent higher-value Blu-ray discs at a premium to its $1 a night DVD rentals.

5 Questions With…Redbox’s Mitch Lowe

Redbox President Mitch Lowe joins us for this week’s Five Questions With…, and describes his frustrations with the industry’s aversion to change as well as his abiding respect for the Hollywood studio system — including the works of actor Johnny Depp.

Paramount Re-Ups With Redbox

Despite a recent study that concluded Redbox’s low-cost DVD rentals are destroying the entertainment industry, Paramount Home Entertainment  has extended its trial…

Redbox In Q3: More Kiosks, More Revenue

DVD rental service Redbox’s revenues were up 90 percent in Q3, to $198.1 million, though the LAT notes that the growth is starting to slow.…

Vid-Biz: NFL, StudioNow, BrightRoll

Bresnan Communications Deploys Clearleap; cable operator implements web-video-to-TV platform to manage local VOD content. (Multichannel News) NFL Blackout Games to be Streamed;…

Vid-Biz: McCain, FYI, Redbox

McCain’s Special YouTube Takedown Request Denied; the presidential candidate raised the issue of how quickly political videos were yanked from the site,…

DVD Kiosk Operator Redbox To File For IPO

Redbox, the distributor of DVDs via kiosk, plans to file for an IPO sometime during the current quarter, reports VideoBusiness (via NTV). Th…