Nodeable gives Hadoop a real-time boost with StreamReduce

Nodeable is now offering a cloud service for processing and analyzing streams of data in real time. Its new flagship service, called StreamReduce, is built atop Twitter’s open source Storm framework and acts as Hadoop’s faster, nimbler front-end partner that delivers users insights as they happen.

Like Chartbeat for video: Ooyala gets real-time analytics

Real-time data is coming to video, courtesy of Ooyala: The video platform vendor is launching a real-time analytics dashboard for big video publishers this summer, allowing them to adjust live video streams as needed. The offering is powered by technology open sourced by Twitter.

Dataminr builds a Twitter-powered early warning system

Dataminr, a New York-based start-up that has been quietly building a global sensor network powered by Twitter, is now introducing its technology to the public today, showing how its real-time engine can act as an early warning system for enterprise and government customers.

PubNub raises $4.5M to bring real-time messaging to apps

PubNub, which provides real-time messaging to web and mobile apps, just raised a $4.5 million Series A round of financing led by new fund Relay Ventures and Silicon Valley’s TiE Angels. The funding comes after PubNub recently processed more than 100,000 messages per second.

Sky News joins the anti-social media brigade

A new policy from Sky News bars reporters from posting anything other than work-related content on Twitter, and even forbids them from retweeting anything that doesn’t come from a Sky account. As with so many other similar policies, this completely misses the point of social media.

Why Google and Twitter need to kiss and make up

The back-and-forth between Google and Twitter over Google’s new social-search results is only the latest manifestation of a much deeper problem with the relationship between the two former partners. The reality is that both sides need each other more than they would probably like to admit.

Is more real-time information a dream or a nightmare?

A presentation at the recent Society for News Design conference imagined a future in which real-time updates about a news event would be shown in heads-up displays on picture frames, windshields and even eyeglasses. But would this make our information-overload problem better or worse?

Movable Ink breathes life into e-mail

While the web is interactive and dynamic, e-mail reflects very little of that evolution. But Movable Ink, a New York start-up, is trying to breathe new life into e-mail marketing by making e-mails real-time and context aware, creating messages that don’t go stale.

Canvas, a grown-up 4chan, opens to the public

Seven years after launching anarchic image board site 4chan, Christopher Poole unveiled Canvas in January, a re-imagined message board that takes the learnings of 4chan and applies them to a more mainstream community. Now, Canvas, which has been in private beta, is open to the public.

Twitter to open source Hadoop-like tool

Attention webscale aficionados, Twitter plans to open source its Hadoop-like real-time data processing tool known as Storm. The social service nabbed the code through its acquisition last month of BackType, and says it’s a better tool for processing streams of data.

Big data in real time is no fantasy

Big data — as in managing and analyzing large volumes of information — has come a long way in the past couple of years. Among the greatest innovations might be the advent of real-time analytics, which allow the processing of information in real time to enable instantaneous decision-making.

New Twitter Search Is Nice, But Still Needs Work

Twitter is rolling out some new features for its search, including the ability to see tweets ranked by relevance, but the bad news is that there is still much more the company needs to offer if it is really going to do search properly.

Apple Could Copy Twitter But It Won’t, and Here’s Why

Blogger Anil Dash mused Wednesday in a post that Apple could make Twitter, or at least a similar service that provides real-time cross-platform messaging. He points out hurdles, but a bigger one comes to mind: Apple likely isn’t interested in making something even remotely like Twitter.

Cloud MapReduce Targets Big Data in Real Time

Cloud application-platform provider Appistry has teamed with Accenture to develop Cloud MapReduce product. Cloud MapReduce is focused on real-time analysis of streaming data, and it complements Appistry’s distributed file system to form a Hadoop alternative for certain applications.

Mixpanel Pushes Real-Time Analytics to End Users

What if companies could offer end users and advertisers easy access to real time analytics tools to see how their content, comments and interaction were being received on sites and apps. That’s the promise of Mixpanel’s new Platform service, which launches today.

How to Get a Jump-Start on Real-Time Advertising

Even if you don’t believe real-time feeds will become the dominant content consumption paradigm, they’re clearly a growing force. Consumer-paid access to real-time feeds is largely for paid mobile apps, and advertising is the immediate payoff. So here’s how social media companies can best cash in.

The New Now: How Real Time Redefines the Now

Is the emergence of the real-time web a sign of a society obsessed with the present? From Twitter to Facebook, signs indicate as much, and this is redefining the idea of Now and how it impacts everything from innovation to how we live.

Superfeedr Makes the Rest of the Web Real-time

Superfeedr, the real-time push infrastructure startup, is today launching a keyword tracking system. It’s essentially like Twitter’s long-forgotten Track service for the rest of the web, using the 2.1 million publishers Superfeedr already provides real-time RSS feeds for and their 25 millions updates per day.

Real-time Search Better for News Than Products

An eye-tracking report from OneUpWeb rightfully compares the challenge of real-time search to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. But it did find that users are already responding to real-time results, especially when they’re seeking out news. Those seeking products clicked less and found real-time results less useful.

How Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Think About Real-Time Search

It’s pretty amazing that raw Twitter posts already show up by default right on Google search results pages. Today at the Search Marketing Expo, project managers from the three major search engine gave insight into their companies’ approaches to the quickened pace of the web.

Kaazing Pushes Web Sockets to Make Browsers Real Time

Jonas Jacobi’s Kaazing is pushing forward a new protocol called web sockets. Rather than AJAX-type hacks to make web apps quick, web sockets are a full browser upgrade to better send and receive data between a web client and server.

Yahoo Adds Twitter Firehose, Tweet Integration Coming

Yahoo, like Microsoft and Google before it, has struck a deal to get access to Twitter’s real-time firehose of tweets. It’s also announcing plans to integrate Twitter across all its sites, as part of Yahoo’s big strategy to be an aggregator for the social web.

Trackle's New Trick: Human-Powered Discovery

Trackle, which enables users to set up alerts for a wide variety of topics such as new job postings, flight prices, home listings, local events and more, is building out community search and discovery service for that kind of information. Launches Twitter Video Search

Twitter video service today launched a real-time search engine for videos shared on Twitter. Twitvid not only tracks videos shared through its own service, but any YouTube link shared on Twitter.

Yahoo Adds Tweets to Search, But Not in Real Time

Yahoo, following in the footsteps of Google, said today it’s adding tweets to the bottom of search results pages for topics it has determined as “buzzing.” But Yahoo is not paying Twitter to get its full so-called Firehose of tweets, the way Google and Microsoft are.

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