Ray Lane

Fisker indeed raising another $150M

Electric car startup Fisker Automotive is raising another $150 million in equity, and has closed on $25 million of that round. Before this round, Fisker had already raised $1.1 billion in equity, loans and grants.

What’s the least annoying sound to slap on an electric car?

Many of the electric cars I’ve test driven are immediately surprising because of one thing: they’re often times completely silent. But now after some concerns that silent electric cars equal deadly electric cars, some auto makers are developing digital noises to add onto these battery-powered rides.

Tax, Tax Baby

Everyone’s, uh, ‘favorite’ Dallas MC, Vanilla Ice, has turned his, um, ‘fame’ into a gig pitching a UGC contest sponsored by TurboTax.…

Mighty Mouse Review

I was able to stop by one of my local Apple Stores today and check out the Mighty Mouse. In the interest…