Why Buying Savvis Makes Perfect Sense for CenturyLink

Hot on the heels of its Qwest acquisition, CenturyLink plans to buy Savvis, the data center provider. The $3.2 billion deal mirrors the $1.4 billion Terremark buy that Verizon completed earlier this month as telecommunications providers buy their way into providing cloud and managed hosting services.

Qwest Jumps on the Real-Time Cloud Recovery Bandwagon

Qwest Communications today announced a new cloud based application recovery solution aimed for small and medium sized businesses. Qwest’s Real-Time Application Recovery offering aims to provide business continuity at a much lower price than conventional backup solutions and in doing so each the SMB market.

CenturyTel to Buy Qwest in $22.4B Deal

CenturyTel said today it would buy Qwest Communications in a deal valued at $22.4 billion, continuing the consolidation of rural telephone companies and ending speculation of whether Qwest would sell itself. CenturyTel will spend $10.3 billion buying Qwest stock and will assume $11.8 billion in debt.

Comcast Adds Antivirus to Its Broadband Package

Comcast said today that it will bundle a subscription to Norton’s antivirus software for its business and residential broadband customers, adding yet another perk for broadband subscribers. As competition increased in some markets, providers are luring customers with more perks.

I Want to Be a Swiss Mrs.

The world has a lot to teach us about broadband competition, which is why I checked in on the latest customer for Cisco’s data crunching edge router to discover how Swisscom is taking steps to lower its own deployment costs and get fiber to the home.

Hard Questions for the Broadband Stimulus Program

The government is spending $7.2 billion to bring broadband to underserved and unserved Americans as part of the stimulus bill. However, the first grant allocations raise several questions about missing data, missing money and whether or not the government can spend the money before its deadline.

The Small Cable Co. Squeeze

Service providers appear ready to rebel against content companies, in particular against the cost involved with providing an end subscriber 500 channels of television as part of a pay-TV package. Among them is Gustavo Prilick, CEO of the small cable provider Broadstripe.

Qwest Is Betting on New TV

Qwest isn’t betting that the pay-TV model will last beyond the next five years. In a video interview, Neil Cox, a Qwest executive, discusses the future of pay TV and how Qwest will profit off its wired network in a wireless world.

A Dying Landline Business Sounds a Lot Like Static

[qi:086] If you want to hear what the death of copper phone lines sounds like, don’t just listen to AT&T (s T) CEO Randall Stephenson or Verizon Communications (s VZ) CEO Ivan Seidenberg talk about their landline losses over the last few quarters, come over to my house and lift the receiver on my landline phone. You’ll hear the crackle of static that grossly interferes with your ability to enjoy a call.

Former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio Heads To Prison

This will surely go down as one of the biggest scandals in telecom history. After a years-long court battle that spanned various appeals and…

An Earnings Season Tale of Two ISPs

Comcast, the largest cable provider in the U.S. reported earnings today as did Qwest, the No. 3 telco provider. Comcast watched its earnings rise by 33 percent. Qwest (s Q) saw sales drop and announced a layoff of 1,200 people.

Verizon to Power Qwest Wireless

In what looks like yet another blow to Sprint, Qwest said today it will resell/re-offer Verizon Wireless’ services to its customers in…

Phone Forbearance Follies

I’m no fan of the phone companies’ tactics of stifling competition in broadband through the strategic deployment of lobbyists in Washington. Thanks…

The GigaOM Interview: Qwest CEO & Chairman Edward Mueller

This past week I got a chance to catch up with Edward Mueller, CEO & Chairman of Qwest. Since taking over for Richard Notebaert in August 2007, Mueller has been quietly trying to shore up the Mountain Bells, forging alliances with the likes of DirecTV and making plans for a broadband future. Following are edited excerpts from our conversation.

Bell Broadband Stalls

Pike & Fisher calculate that the Bells — AT&T, Verizon and Qwest added 755,000 net broadband customers in the fourth quarter of…