Alfred: A Launcher and More for Mac

A good program launching application is something I’ll use constantly so having it available with a keystroke is critical. When I made the move to Mac, I immediately started looking for a good launcher, and eventually stumbled across Alfred, a free launcher that’s simple yet powerful.

Quick Search Box or Quicksilver?

What was once Quicksilver would provide the basis for Google Quick Search Box. With both a community-supported version of Quicksilver that runs smoothly on OS X 10.6, as well as the Google-backed Quick Search Box, which is the better choice for daily use?


Like me you may have tried out various application (and/or file) launchers now and then and possibly none have grabbed you enough…

Quicksilver Opens its Doors to Coders

Quicksilver is my hands-down favorite application for OS X. (Seriously, if I were stranded on a desert island, it would be the…

Dash – Quicksilver for Windows

Yes, this is The Apple Blog. However, as many of our readers cross over [to the dark side] for work, or maybe…