Quarterly Trends

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. That’s why our analyst colleagues at GigaOM Pro take a step back…

Communications, Platforms, Privacy Ruled Social in Q4

In the fourth quarter, Facebook dominated the news announcements of its Groups and Messages offerings, while Google’s Chrome OS somewhat confused the industry and privacy concerns, sparked by a somewhat breathless series of exposes, once more caught the NewNet space’s attention.

Mobile Q4: All Eyes Were on Android, 4G, Tablets

The mobile industry saw several key trends during the final months of 2010: Smartphone sales soared again, use of the high-powered devices fueled increases in data consumption and the epic battle of Apple vs. Google escalated thanks to Android’s remarkable traction.

In Q3, Big Data Meant Big Dollars

If the third quarter represented anything, it was that M&A is alive and well, particularly in the Big Data space. If a company can store or analyze large amounts of data with any degree of innovation, a larger vendor is likely eyeing them for an acquisition.

From M&A to R&D, Cloud is Driving IT Activity

Still wondering if cloud computing is the real deal, if it will find its way to a data center near you? Whether they’re buying, building or buddying up, vendors are surrounding their core competencies with everything they’ll need to compete in an increasingly integrated IT market.

Introducing The NewNet

Right in front of our eyes, the web (and by extension, the Internet) is changing — specifically, the rise of social networking…