Meet the datasexual

http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/test-and-measurement/meet-the-datasexual Is there a line beyond which people are no longer mere Quantified Selfers but something much more annoying? Could data really…

5 apps for shaping up your health habits in the new year

It’s easier said than done to stick to New Year’s resolutions for getting more sleep, exercising regularly or undertaking any other health-related routine. But a growing set of apps help people improve habits through activity tracking, design and networking with communities of peers or experts.

What we’ll see in 2013 in data

Everyone’s talking about the greatness of big data, but we’re nowhere near the promised land of what’s possible when we turn data loose on our lives. Here are three things to watch that could affect how companies and everday people consume all that info.

Why Silicon Valley is addicted to adventure

While most of us are getting ready to coast into the weekend, maybe making plans to hit up happy hour later, Neal Mueller is setting out with three other men to become the first people to row across the Arctic Ocean. Why?