A tough strategy: BB 10 isn’t going on current phones

Research In Motion continued to outline its BlackBerry 10 strategy at its annual developer event, saying customers will need to buy new phones for the BB 10 experience as the company confirmed it won’t be upgrading any BlackBerry 7 phones to the new operating system.

RIM giving away BB10 phones that consumers will never see

The first folks who will get a chance to see if Research in Motion(s RIMM) will be able to arrest its steep decline in the smartphone market will be software developers who attend its BlackBerry Jam conference in May. But what are they getting?

Yo, RIM: Where’s your sense of urgency?

Research In Motion’s new CEO, Thorsten Heins, held his first conference call on Monday morning, reiterating his view that the company is not in need of a major shakeup but instead some improvements in processes, marketing and consumer focus.

RIM’s pain could be Apple’s enterprise gain

A new survey of business professionals out of the U.K. reveals that RIM’s recent network problems could work out very well for enterprise adoption of Apple’s iPhone. A survey revealed a lot of individuals interested in defection, and Apple’s platform as the life raft of choice.

Survey says: RIM’s core users are abandoning ship

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform has long ruled the mobile enterprise, but the end of its reign appears to be near. A recent survey of enterprises that have 10,000 or more BlackBerry users show that 30 percent are planning to leave RIM’s platform. Here’s why.

RIM’s reinvention: Early 2012 with BlackBerry Colt, QNX

After bringing QNX to it’s PlayBook tablet, Research In Motion is reportedly planning a QNX-powered BlackBerry handset, the Colt, for the first quarter of 2012. The hardware is rumored to be relatively low-end, but that could easily change. More important is the company’s transition to QNX.

Why Apple — Not RIM — Is Poised to Own the Mobile Enterprise

Despite a series of promising announcements at this week’s BlackBerry World, Research In Motion’s share of the smartphone market continues to erode, and no QNX handsets are yet on the horizon. Apple, meanwhile, could be poised to take RIM’s crown as king of the mobile enterprise.

Why Microsoft and Research In Motion Are New BFFs

The mobile landscape is entering a new, consolidation phase as late-comers are banding together to fight against Apple and Google. The latest loose alliance is between Microsoft and RIM as Bing will be integrated as the default search and map engine for future BlackBerry products.

RIM Faces Challenges in Moving to New OS

Research In Motion’s pick-up of The Astonishing Tribe should bring polish to the aging BlackBerry OS and improve the upcoming QNX platform. But RIM’s challenge will be losing as little ground — not to mention, money — as possible as it moves from one OS to the other.