Mobile Q&A app Thumb gets more social and expressive

Mobile Q&A app Thumb is generating crazy engagement with users spending almost four hours a month on the app. Now, the app is evolving to allow its users to become more expressive and social, making Thumb more of a full-fledged social netwok for opinions.

Facebook acquires Q&A startup friend.ly

Facebook has acquired friend.ly, a startup that makes a Facebook app for asking and answering questions with your friends. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Friend.ly was founded in 2010 and has reportedly raised $5 million in venture capital to date.

For Formspring, curiosity makes for a killer app

Formspring.me has hit a major milestone in its relatively short lifespan. The 18-month-old San Francisco-based startup, which allows users to create profile pages on which anonymous people can ask them questions, now has 25 million registered users.

Loopt Looks for Engagement in Location Q&A

Location-based app Loopt is looking beyond the check-in and trying to engage users by providing them information about what they should do they they arrive. Loopt is introducing Loopt Qs, a lightweight real-time question and answer feature that allows users to get answers to popular questions.

Stack Overflow Raises $12M, Now Called Stack Exchange

Q&A site Stack Overflow has been on a tear, as we recently reported in a profile of the company. The site supports 45 vertical categories for questions, relaunched a career site and now has $12 million in new funding and a new name to boast about.

PeerPong Asks for Expert Advice on Twitter

PeerPong, a new Q&A site with an adorable name, is launching a public beta today. The company’s premise is to bring users’ questions to qualified experts on any given topic given their talking about it publicly online — right now, on Twitter.

Zillow CEO Pozits a Social Q&A Site

Rich Barton today launched a side project called Pozit, which plays in the hot space of social Q&A. Pozit is a simple tool for starting a discussion with your friends. You ask a question and invite friends to answer using an invite-only short URL.