Publishers: What are you doing while Amazon eats your lunch?

Just as it did with book retailing, Amazon has its sights set on lowering the barriers between authors and readers, both via the Kindle and through its own publishing deals — and in many cases, the biggest barrier between authors and readers is a traditional publisher.

Hearst, Telegraph Join Apple’s Growing Subscription Team

Apple won over two new publishers to its iOS subscription plans late Wednesday, including newspaper The Daily Telegraph and the real big fish, major magazine publisher Hearst. Hearst is behind many popular magazine brands, including O (The Oprah Magazine), Esquire and Popular Mechanics.

OnSwipe Wants to Reinvent Content for Tablets

OnSwipe founder and CEO Jason Baptiste says apps are good for some things, but when it comes to publishing content, “they suck.” So the startup gives publishers the same features as an app, but using the web — and it wants to do that for advertisers too.

Jobs: New In-App Subscription Rules Just for Publishers

Considering the controversy surrounding Apple’s new in-app purchasing rules, Steve Jobs was bound to provide an email response to a concerned user/developer at some point. And he has, replying to one troubled dev that the new rules apply strictly to publishers, not to SaaS apps.

Apple Officially Launches App Store Subscriptions

Apple today finally released official details regarding App Store subscriptions. The system is the same one that launched alongside News Corp.’s “The Daily” on Feb. 2. Subscriptions in the App Store will be sold using the existing in-app purchasing system found in iOS.