Project Better Place

Electric car startup Coda laying off 50

Yet another electric car startup is having trouble. Coda Automotive is laying off 50 employees — or 15 percent of staff — after a delayed launch, slow sales, and a car recall. The bad news follows Better Place layoffs, and A123 System’s bankruptcy.

Shai Agassi steps down as CEO of Better Place

The CEO of electric vehicle charging company Better Place, Shai Agassi, will step down as CEO and is being replaced with Evan Thornley, formerly the CEO of Better Place Australia. The company needs to make money and the initial roll out has been slow.

China: Now the land of cleantech capital

China has long been perceived as the must-tackle market for clean power and cleantech, but it’s also become a spigot of private capital for startups that find the marriage of money and market opportunity particularly appealing.

Flush With Cash: Fisker Adds Yet Another $100M

Electric car maker Fisker Automotive has already raised over $1 billion in equity, loans and grants. And yet, the company, which will be launching its first inaugural electric car this summer, has raised another $100 million. That’s on top of the $190 million which recently closed.

PHOTOS: Better Place Gearing Up for Israel Launch

Electric car infrastructure startup Better Place has spent the past three years talking about its vision of selling electric car miles like cell phone minutes, accompanied by a network of chargers and battery swap stations. Now it’s getting ready to deliver in Israel.

Better Place Prices Driving Plan in Denmark

The closely-watched electric vehicle project Better Place has finally announced its first pricing in Denmark in advance of a launch of the service in the fourth quarter of this year. Now we’ll have to wait to see if consumers actually find the offer attractive.

Better Place Goes Down Under to Electrify Australia

Better Place announced this afternoon that it is heading Down Under to deploy its electric car infrastructure in Australia. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup is working with Australian utility AGL Energy to build an electric car charging grid powered by renewable energy. Macquarie Capital Group will finance the AUD$1 billion ($671 million) undertaking.

Renault to Electrify French Cars by 2011

Automaker Renault announced today it has teamed up with French utility EDF to build a huge electric vehicle infrastructure, starting in France, with the goal of making electric cars a viable and attractive option by 2011.

Renault Shows Off the Super-Efficient Z.E. Concept

Auto shows can be like fashion shows, where the designers bring out both their bread-and-butter designs, as well as things more fanciful. Debuting at the Paris Auto Show that starts this weekend, Renault’s Z.E. Concept car seems to be a little of both

Project Better Place Portugal Bound

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