Facebook PRISM case heads to Europe’s highest court

An Irish judge has asked the Court of Justice of the European Union to say whether it was OK for the country’s data protection watchdog to refuse to investigate the alleged breakdown — as evidenced by the Snowden revelations — of the U.S.-EU “Safe Harbor” principles.

Canadians sue spy agency over mass data collection

A Canadian spy agency is collecting meta-data about its citizens’ phone records and internet activity, according to a new lawsuit, which is the first such case in the country since the PRISM scandal broke in the US this summer.

UK surveillance probe goes public — sort of

A parliamentary inquiry into the laws governing British intelligence services is to add privacy implications to its remit, take submissions from the public and perhaps even hold some of its sessions in public.

How Lavabit Melted Down It’s been two months since secure email service Lavabit promptly shut down, citing ominous threats from the U.S. government. But now…

More PRISM fallout: Indian government may ban Gmail use Indian government employees will soon be asked (told?) to stop using Gmail (s goog) for official purposes, according the Indian Times which cited…