Soon you’ll be able to go to CVS and print a book

On Demand Books, makers of the print-on-demand Espresso Book Machine, is expanding its footprint substantially in a partnership with Kodak that will integrate the Espresso technology with Kodak Picture Kiosks in stores such as CVS and other retail outlets.

Gotta love that long tail: Walls360 goes on-demand with Zazzle

Graphic design startup Walls360 has teamed with Zazzle to let consumers create and sell their own custom wall graphics via Zazzle’s self-service customization platform. With more than 10,000 designs already uploaded, the partnership reinforces the power of an on-demand, long-tail business model online.


A field guide to 3D printing

Over the past 24 months, the 3D printing industry has enjoyed a tsunami of media coverage and a tidal wave of social-media conversations. But stories of phenomenal growth and the idea that consumers will soon manufacture their own goods aren’t entirely accurate. To understand this fragmented industry and the opportunities presented, one must begin with a fundamental understanding of the language of 3D printing, which this piece explores and clarifies.

Getting Around Apple’s AirPrint Restrictions

New iPad ads show users effortlessly printing with the tap of a finger. Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t match the ads: AirPrint, introduced in iOS 4.2, only works with 16 printers, all from HP. Luckily, there are third-party solutions to this limitation.

Apple Brags About iOS 4.2 Developer Beta

In conjunction with the iOS 4.2 beta, Apple has issued a press release touting “AirPrint.” The trendily named wireless printing feature for iOS will be included with iOS 4.2. AirPrint will initially work with HP ePrint printers or shared printers on a PC or Mac.

TechUniversity: Printer Setup

Adding a printer in OS X is typically a simple task, but we’ll show you some extras you might not know about. We’ll also walk you through creating printer setting presets so you don’t have to go recreate all your settings each time you print.

How-To: Print Using Active Directory Credentials

In a large-scale environment, you may have no choice but to authenticate your Macs to Active Directory. This process is generally pretty smooth, but the big annoyance for me was having to give my credentials every time I wanted to print to our Windows print server.