Kindle Unlimited and the ongoing commoditization of books

It's not worthless, just cheap

Authors complain that features like Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited book-rental program are devaluing books, but it’s not Amazon that is devaluing book writing — in a very real sense, the internet is doing that, just as it’s devaluing every other form of media

It doesn’t matter what e-books cost to make

Book publishers are trying hard to argue that e-books cost almost as much to produce as printed ones, and therefore prices for e-books should be higher — but the bottom line is that consumers don’t care what a publisher’s costs are, nor should they.

7 charts that predict the future of mobile broadband

Ericsson released a report today about mobile data consumption today that gives a clear picture about how pricing for mobile broadband will change as well as how cultural norms will shift as wireless networks become more popular and prevalent. Check out the charts inside.

Empire Avenue gets $1.2M to tell you what you’re worth

Proving that virtual currency can be worth a good amount of real-life cash, social stock market Empire Avenue has landed $1.2 million in funding. Empire Avenue serves a unique and somewhat controversial purpose: It’s a stock market that puts a price on people instead of companies.

Mobile data: We’re using more but it costs less

Smartphone users are consuming 89 percent more data than they did last year, but the cost per megabyte has dropped to 8 cents. But these stats miss the subtle economics of running a network, and aren’t caught up with pricing changes hitting the mobile ecosystem.

7 Technologies to Solve the Spectrum Crisis

Demand for mobile data appears to outstrip the supply of spectrum available to provide Facebook or streaming video on our phones and tablets. However, we are ignoring some very promising technological solutions that could turn the spectrum crunch into a capital spending bonanza by telecommunications companies.

iPad Price Gouging? Not Quite

While Apple haters are surely whining that Apple is gouging customers with its iPad prices while getting away with huge margins, the reality is actually quite different.