The MPG of a human

How efficient is personal-powered transport — namely, walking and biking? After stuffing myself over Thanksgiving, I am curious to know how potent human fuel can be. How many miles per gallon do we get as our own engines of transportation?

Twitter’s data center mystery deepens

Twitter’s data center plans are reportedly in disarray according to sources. A few people shared that the microblogging service, which announced plans to build a Utah data center back in April 2010, had plans to abandon the site and move to a data center in Sacramento.

OS X : Unplugged(.prefpane)

I came across a comment about a small but useful utility I had not heard of before called Unplugged. This utility (in…

VoQ off

Sierra Wireless is pulling the plug on VoQ smartphone. Why am I not surprised? And why did it take so long? So…