Poll: How Much 3G Data Do You Use?

Given the recent news about AT&T’s decision to shift from unlimited 3G data plans, we were curious how much data you actually use on your device? Taking a peak at my stats revealed that I’ve downloaded 4.1GB of data and uploaded nearly a gig.

Weekend Poll: Will You Buy a Google TV?

Are you going to buy a Google TV devices? If so, which one? The Blu-ray player, the Sony TV set or the Logitech box? If not – why not? We’d love to find out, and put together a little poll to make things easier for you.

What Do You Want to Read on the iPad?

With the launch of the Apple iPad just days away, magazine and newspaper companies are putting the finishing touches on their apps for the tablet, hoping to lure both new and existing readers. What magazine and news apps are you are looking forward to the most?