PogoPlug Cloud targets Dropbox with hybrid storage

PogoPlug continues to pivot from simple hardware for remote file access to true web storage. The new PogoPlug Cloud blends locally stored files and online content for easy streaming, sharing and storage. Think Dropbox, but with added access to a home hard-drive with near-limitless capacity.

PogoPlug Mobile streams content from home to phone

Creators of the original PogoPlug, Cloud Engines, launched a new $80 mobile hardware product on Thursday that streams home media to smartphones and tablets. PogoPlug Mobile enables a “personal cloud” with media access and, in the case of Android devices, can remotely backup photos and movies.

Pogoplug Maker Cloud Engines Raises $15 Million

Cloud Engines, the company behind “personal cloud” Pogoplug, announced it has raised $15 million from new investors Softbank Capital and Morgan Stanley Investment Partners along with existing investor Foundry Group. Cloud Engines said the capital will go toward global distribution of the Pogoplug service and devices.

How Pogoplug Works

Pogoplug, the little gadget that turns any USB-enabled drive into a personal storage locker accessible over the Internet, impressed me as much…