Platform as a Service

New Cloud Foundry app validates cloud portability

One hurdle to corporate adoption of PaaSes is customer concern about being locked into one vendor’s platform. A new Cloud Foundry app will let them, in real time, see which of several Cloud Foundry PaaSes will run their workloads.

As PaaS funding winds down, Standing Cloud raises $3M

Although it appears significant venture capital investment in Platform-as-a-Service startups is drawing to a close, Standing Cloud was able to raise another $3 million, it announced on Thursday. The money comes from Foundry Group and Avalon Ventures, bringing Standing Cloud’s total investment to $8 million.

5 ways to protect against vendor lock-in in the cloud

Two weeks ago, Google announced a significant price increase for use of its App Engine Platform-as-a-Service. With vendor lock-in comes vulnerability to price increases. And for developers and app makers, this drastic shift may have been a “bet-the-company” decision without ever realizing it.

Engine Yard goes PHP with Orchestra acquisition

Platform-as-a-Service veteran Engine Yard is getting on board with the recent trend of multi-language support by acquiring Dublin, Ireland-based PHP PaaS startup Orchestra. An industry shift toward supporting more than one language and/or framework likely influenced the decision to close the Orchestra deal now.

PaaS Startups Unite as DotCloud Buys Duostack

Platform-as-a-Service startup DotCloud is acquiring fellow startup DuoStack in an attempt to gird itself for a fight that’s likely to leave some casualties in the years to come. DotCloud and DuoStack are making a smart move to ensure their mutual survival while combining their innovative capabilities.

AT&T Building a Private Cloud With Open Stack

AT&T is looking to build a private cloud using the open source cloud platform known as the Open Stack. Josh Kleinpeter, a software engineer with AT&T Interactive mentioned AT&T’s plans during a panel discussion at the Open Stack Summit.

DotCloud Gets $10M to Redefine Cloud Openness

Cloud Platform-as-a-Service startup DotCloud has raised $10 million from Benchamrk Capital and Trinity Ventures, further evidence that openness will be critical if PaaS is to become the future of cloud computing. Openness in PaaS might best be defined as giving users choice and some management access.

Jan. 20: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

If today’s links are any indication, we could see some serious changes to once-lauded IT practices and trends. There’s a call for PaaS evolution, talk that Cisco really does fear Xsigo and even stats showing Rackspace nipping at Amazon’s heels in web hosting.

Red Hat Buys Makara, Adds PaaS to Its Cloud Mix

The cloud computing world is in for yet another shakeup: Red Hat has acquired platform-as-a-service (PaaS) startup Makara. The purchase immediately vaults Red Hat into the role of cloud provider, but also gives Red Hat the means to sell its PaaS vision across the cloud landscape.

Oct. 20: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

After so much Big Data lately, it’s good to have a day where cloud computing takes center stage. We have NYC making a huge investment in Microsoft, a question about the role of PaaS, Gartner praising the cloud and AWS expanding on its Hadoop product.