The 3 myths behind “Internet pirates always win”

An economist argues that “three myths” are driving the popular notion that online piracy is inevitable and can’t be stopped. Here’s a quick summary of those “myths” and why dispelling them is important to having a more nuanced discussion about how to handle unauthorized online content.

Copyright and remix culture: The new Prohibition?

The principle behind copyright has been taking a beating from “remix culture,” driven in large part by YouTube and other video sites. Is the rise of the YouTube generation changing the way that we think about copyright — and if so, should we let that happen?

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FUNimation Sues 1,400 Torrent Downloaders

Martial arts movie fans that downloaded the action flick The Legend Is Born: IP Man earlier this month could get a letter from the movie’s U.S. distributor soon, asking them for a big lump of cash: FUNimation has sued 1427 alleged BitTorrent downloaders of the film.

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Mamma Mia! Italian Ruling on Piracy Puts Websites on Notice

Italy’s famously fractious relationship with Internet companies doesn’t show any signs of improving, after a judge in Rome ruled Yahoo should do more to “inhibit” copyright infringement — a move that could open the door to lawsuits against YouTube and others.

Live Sports Piracy Moves Underground

Want to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup that’s starting this week? Then don’t expect to find many live streams on the big streaming sites. Piracy of live sports has moved to smaller for-pay sites, according to the official ICC World Cup streaming partner Willow.tv.

Film Fans Say: Don’t Make Me Steal

A few thousand consumers are pledging to never ever download any unlicensed movie via BitTorrent again, as long as Hollywood offers them a legal alternative that comes without DRM, local restrictions, release windows and premium pricing. Illusionary demands, or a necessary attempt to aim high?

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Porn CEO: Don’t Fight Piracy With DRM

Steve Jobs promised iPad users “freedom from porn,” and Apple isn’t approving any adult-themed apps for the device. Porn studios like Private Media nonetheless target iPad owners, and Private CEO Ilan Bunimovitz told us that his company has an equally promising offer to make: Freedom from DRM.

Pirate Movie Sites Reappear After ICE Takedown

Authorities at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency seized the domains of nine websites that had been charged with illegally pirating first-run movies. But merely a day later, two of them have already reappeared, highlighting the problem of trying to enforce copyright globally.

Ashton Kutcher to Pirate Killers Premiere

Ashton Kutcher has announced via Twitter that he is going to pirate part of the premiere of his upcoming movie Killers. Kutcher is known as an avid live streamer and social media user — but could this latest promotional stunt also turn him into a criminal?

StatShot: Idol Rocks Twitter

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