Hands On With Adobe’s Photoshop Touch Apps

Adobe’s three Photoshop Touch apps, which the company previewed last month, went live in the App Store early Tuesday morning. Here’s a look at how Eazel, Adobe Nav and Color Lav work, and how they might figure into your Photoshop workflow.

Adobe Releases Photoshop and Premiere Elements 9 for Mac

Adobe today announced the newest version of their consumer photo editing tool, Photoshop Elements, the kid brother of the Photoshop CS5 we all know and love. Adobe also announced Premiere Elements 9, available for the first time on the Mac. Both are available now.

Apple Boots NBC Off iTunes

There is a game of corporate chicken going on. Hours after NBC decided that it was going to pull its shows from…

Plaxo in the enterprise

Steve Hall points out that Plaxo is drawing the ire of IT/Sysadmins who believe that the company is the culprit behind some…