Twitter reveals new back-end photo storage system

As Twitter clearly works to prioritize photos on its service, having just rolled out a filter and editing service Monday, the company explained in a blog post Tuesday that it’s developed its own back-end storage system for photos, replacing its prior partner Photobucket beginning in September.

Twitter rolls out profile header pictures to all users this week

Twitter is finally rolling out header profile pictures for all users beginning on Wednesday, forcing over the change that will put large, horizontal photos on profile pages and make Twitter look much more like Facebook as the two sites continue to compete for user attention.

Instagram photos now totally gone from inside your Twitter stream

Users will stop seeing Instagram photos appear in their Twitter streams at all, now that the full effect of Instagram removing Twitter support takes hold. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced last week that the company would stop showing photo in Twitter, heating up the photo battle.

What the Instagram backlash says about the future of media

The same kind of criticism levelled at the photo-sharing service Instagram — that it ruins photography, or makes it cheap and shallow — has been made about other forms of media, including blogging, citizen journalism and Twitter. And in each case the critics have been wrong.

Review: What a photographer thinks of Aperture 3.3

With the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, Apple made some small but important updates to its Aperture photo-processing app. Aperture 3.3 isn’t a full version upgrade, but the new features added tells us that Apple is serious about this program and its future.

Photo-sharing app PicPlz calling it quits on July 3

Less than two months removed from Facebook buying Instagram, and one of the many other mobile photo-sharing services out there is calling it quits. PicPlz put up a notice on its blog that it will be shutting down the service and deleting all photos next month.

5 handy iPhoto for iOS tips

I’m starting to use iPhoto for iOS more often in my photography workflow. While it’s unlikely it’ll ever fully replace a true post-processing program like Aperture or Lightroom, for shots that don’t require that high degree of editing I find iPhoto for iOS to be suitable.

Looks like iCloud will get some big upgrades at WWDC

The WSJ says iCloud will get new photo and video syncing capabilities, which will be announced at WWDC in June. It’s remarkable how quickly Apple has moved to build up iCloud, particularly for a company that previously hasn’t had much success with networked services.

Why Kodak’s bankruptcy should scare Nokia

After 132 years in business, photo film maker Kodak filed for bankruptcy and in the process becoming yet another fallen corporate giant. The company’s failure has lessons for others such as Yahoo and Nokia who might meet a fate similar to the photo company.

How Stipple wants to shake up stock photos

San Francisco startup Stipple wants to change the way online photo licensing works in a big way. Stipple’s image licensing service pays websites to publish photos, rather than charging publishers fees — inverting the business model used by services like Getty Images. But will it work?

How to use iPhoto as a recipe manager and meal planner

One of the most dreaded questions in any household is “what’s for dinner?” The question is fraught with complex issues of family responsibilities, finances, and personal preferences. While it won’t do the dishes, iPhoto has become an indispensable meal planning tool in my family.

Who’s Afraid of Instagram? Not Shutterfly

Shutterfly CEO Jeff Housenbold is aware of new photo sharing and printing startups like Instagram, Sincerely, and Keepsy. But according to him, new competition from “three kids in a garage with $3 million in venture funding” doesn’t exactly keep him up at night.

Facebook Groups Goes Gangbusters, Gets Privacy Tweaks

Facebook has rolled out several updates to its Groups feature today, heeding users’ requests for more control over what they share with whom. More than 50 million groups have been created in the past six months, making Groups one of Facebook’s fastest-growing products ever.

How-To: Create the Ultimate Camera-to-Internet Workflow

Taking photos with smartphones and uploading them to the Internet instantly is nothing to brag about these days. Even point-and-shoot cameras have optional Wi-Fi solutions available to upload images as soon as they are taken. But what if your needs are a little more complex?

TechUniversity: Aperture 101

Aperture is Apple’s pro-level photo management, editing and sharing application used my both amateurs and professionals around the globe. In this TechUniversity Aperture 101 screencast, we’ll take a look at a number of areas of the application to help you get up and running right away.

Why Is Photo Startup DailyBooth So Hot?

Updated: When it comes to burgeoning social media sites, DailyBooth, a Y Combinator startup, has captured the attention of users and VCs…

Happy Halloween: Apple Costume Roundup

Every time around this year I get ghostly pangs of gastro-intestinal discomfort as I’m haunted by memories of eating bags and bags…

Aperture 2 Released

Apple is on a software-release roll. Yesterday they released Leopard 10.5.2 and today they have released Aperture 2. Aperture is Apple’s pro-level…