Action! Roll ‘em: Personal video poised to take off

Short-form video apps like Vine and Instagram are familiarizing consumers with the concept of taking video anytime, anywhere. And with easy-to-use tools arriving in an evolving ecosystem, longer, story-driven personal video is poised to take off.


Survey: the mobile shopping apps consumers value most

While independent developers have led innovation in mobile shopping apps, retailers, brands, and local businesses are facing an imperative — integrate high-value mobile shopping capabilities into their customers’ experiences or risk disintermediation.

Quarterly Wrap-up

Mobile second-quarter 2013: analysis and outlook

The mobile industry saw some important consolidation unfold in the second quarter as the lesser tier-one carriers made some strong alliances: Sprint agreed to be acquired by Japan’s SoftBank and began to close in on its own acquisition of Clearwire while T-Mobile officially closed its pickup of MetroPCS. This report examines these and other developments in the mobile industry, as well as trends that will impact the market during the rest of 2013 and beyond.


Survey: How apps can solve photo management

A recent survey found that 76 percent of respondents store their digital photos on multiple devices using multiple services.That means ample opportunity exists for companies offering solutions that tackle this “dispersed photo problem.” This report analyzes the aforementioned survey’s results, and also measures 18 different vendors against what respondents value most when it comes to photo-organizing solutions.

Instagram sued over its new terms of service

Instagram has been sued over the revised terms of service that it announced last week. The class action suit alleges that the Facebook-owned company’s new terms are a breach of contract, despite the clarifications Instagram offered.

Understanding Instagram and why Flickr might just have a chance

Everyone seems determined to copy Instagram’s filters as a way of trying to co-opt their success at photo-sharing, but few — with the exception of Flickr — are seeing the real value of Instagram’s service, which is the ability to share photos with friends on multiple networks


An overview of the photo and video app market

With low barriers to entry, the photo and video app market consists of a large number of developers and is certainly not limited to a handful of well-­financed startups: According to, the iTunes Store counts 16,924 photo and video apps, and Google Play lists 6,307.

Instagram rival EyeEm expands to WinPhone and web

It may be smaller than its Facebook-owned rival, but EyeEm is rapidly building up support for its discovery-focused photo-sharing service — and hopes to continue with a newly released Windows Phone app and a heavily revamped web service.

Note to startups: The network is all that really matters

Everyone may be wondering why Facebook paid $1 billion for what appears to be just a simple photo-sharing app, but the biggest lesson to learn from Instagram’s success is just how important it is to build network effects into the core of your service.

Facebook and Instagram: Largest mobile-app deal ever?

Facebook’s stunning $1 billion acquisition of Instagram appears to be the largest deal ever for a company built entirely around a single mobile app experience, either proving that the mobile app business has truly arrived or that there’s a new bubble in town.

Here come Samsung’s Smart Cameras with Wi-Fi

Thanks to better sensors and integrated connectivity, the iPhone 4S has become the top camera on the Flickr photography site, beating out more expensive DSLRs. With its new Smart Cameras, Samsung is offering to solid shooters the ability to share pictures and videos over Wi-Fi.

With new app, Sharypic aims to be Instagram for events

Location-based photo sharing app Color famously flamed out after raising millions of dollars in funding. Now, with them out of the picture, French service Sharypic wants to step into the gap and provide photo sharing for events. Can it compete in a crowded market?

Pixable turns photo viewing into a daily addiction

Pixable, a photo viewing aggregation service, said its mobile iOS app recently eclipsed the 1 million download mark on iOS. But more importantly, it’s doing 100 million photo views a month and 60 percent of users are still active, most of them on a daily basis.

Wow: Instagram’s website gets 300M page views per month

Instagram’s website is currently receiving 10 million page views each day, adding up to some 300 million page views per month, GigaOM has learned. This is especially interesting given that the Instagram experience is tailored to users of the app, not viewers on the web.

Who’s winning in Twitter photos? Hint: Not Yfrog or Lockerz

When Twitter debuted its native photo-sharing feature earlier this year, some people worried that it would harm the existing ecosystem of third-party photo sharing apps. New data indicates that those concerns were well justified: Twitter now powers 45 percent of the photos shared on its site.

Hands on with Path 2.0: What Facebook should be

The original Path, a social network designed around exclusive, photo-centric sharing, proved a tad underwhelming in my opinion. But version 2.0, available Wednesday, is more than just lipstick on a pig. It’s an entirely new course for Path, and a very promising one.

Hands on with Adobe Carousel for iOS and Mac

Adobe’s cross-platform photo management service, Carousel, is now available on iOS devices and the Mac. New apps for both platforms, released on Thursday, let you manage, sync, share and even edit your photo collection on all of your Apple devices.

The Morning Lowdown 10-18-11

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Instagram signs up a new user every second

Less than a year after it launched its photo-sharing app, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told attendees at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference that new users are signing up at a rate of 78 per minute, and 26 photos are being uploaded to the service every second.

Hands on with Instagram 2.0’s new filters and features

Instagram got a pretty major update Tuesday with version 2.0. Aside from a slightly modified, prettier icon, the update also adds new features, filters and general speed improvements that make the whole experience better. With so many apps chasing Instagram’s coattails, it’s a timely update.

Piictu app invites users to communicate through photos

Piictu, a New York start-up that is part of TechStars’ New York class, is launching its iPhone app out of beta. The app invites people to interact and converse completely through photos. It has less competition now that Google’s Photovine is now retiring.

Trover lets you catalog and share life’s hidden gems

If you think downloading yet another mobile app featuring photo-sharing, geo-location, and social networking is crazy, prepare yourself for a moment of insanity. MeetTrover, a nifty new iPhone app launched in May that perfectly fills the gaps left by Instagram, Foursquare and Yelp.

WITH takes photo sharing off the beaten Path

Is Twitter a platform now that Apple has endorsed it with integration in iOS 5? A new app called WITH seems based on the presumption that it is, leveraging the Twitter network to create its own service that lets you check in with friends and photos.

Postagram pokes Facebook, friends Android

Postagram is a product with a huge potential for mass appeal. While the product launched on Instagram, which is popular with an influential set of early adopters, with Postagram for Android, the company’s product is now accessible to a much wider audience.

Facebook facial recognition: What the web is saying

Another week, another Facebook privacy firestorm. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based social networking giant has come under fire for potentially violating user privacy by turning on facial recognition technology worldwide. Here’s a look at some of the things people around the web are saying about the issue.

With Twitter Deal, A Photobucket Comeback Is Officially On

Photobucket just made a major leap forward on the comeback trail. The company’s technology will power Twitter’s highly anticipated native photo sharing feature. The deal is a coup for Photobucket, which is working to reclaim its former spot at the top of the web industry.

Photos Are Great, But Will They Help Twitter Make Money?

Twitter is expected to offer a photo-sharing feature soon, something that seems so obvious it should have been added a long time ago. While this will spark renewed concerns about Twitter bulldozing its ecosystem, the big question is whether it will help Twitter monetize its network.

Move Over Flickr — Hot Shots Love 500px

In recent months, 500px has become the new favorite site of a lot of Flickr “power users.” What’s especially remarkable is that the company, which is bootstrapped and currently has just four full-time employees, has attracted all this growth purely through word-of-mouth.

Carousel Brings Instagram to the Mac Desktop in Style

Instagram has yet to officially crossover to any platform other than the iPhone, but that hasn’t stopped third-party developers from trying to fill the gaps. One app that does just that is Mobelux’s Carousel, a new Mac program that brings your Instagram stream to the desktop.

Can Photobucket Make a Comeback through M&A?

Photobucket wants to reclaim a spot at the top of the crowded photo and video sharing space, and it’s prepared to open its wallet to do so. The company is actively looking at potential acquisition targets, CEO Tom Munro told me in an interview this week.

Instamagic: The Story of a Red Hot App [Video]

It has been a magical few months for Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing startup. It has grown from nothing to more than 3.2 million users, and raised $7 million in funding. In this video, co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom shares the story of Instagram.

Fotopedia Bets Big on Virtual Vacations

Fotopedia released a new title Wednesday, Fotopedia Paris, taking users on a virtual tour of the City of Lights. The idea is that it’s a vacation on your iPhone or iPad, no passport required. Is the company on to something with the idea of travel-less trips?

In-App References Hint at a More Social iOS 5

New findings suggest iOS could be on the verge of getting a system-wide, social, photo-sharing feature. While it spells trouble for Instragram, Color and other similar apps, it’s great new for a mobile OS that, until now, hasn’t come out of its social shell.

Color: More Than Just Another Photo-Sharing App

Much of last week’s buzz surrounding the launch of Color was justifiably skeptical. Does the world really need another mobile photo-sharing app? But parts of the startup’s vision extend far beyond photo-sharing, and make the company worth watching as a potential indicator of social media trends.

Color Proves Chasing Trends Isn’t Good App Design

On paper, Color, the app which grabbed headlines Wednesday for securing $41 million in pre-release startup funding, looks pretty good. It’s a photo (and video) sharing app (those do well) with a geo-local twist (ditto) that’s built around the concept of the group (natch).

Will Kodak Sue More Photo-Sharing Sites?

Eastman Kodak hasn’t been shy about using its patents to wring some licensing money out of the smartphone industry, but the company recently…

So What’s With All the Photosharing Apps?

With the launch of Path, and the frenzy of interest in Instagram and PicPlz, the world seems to be awash in photo-sharing apps. Why? Better mobile cameras, for one thing. But photo sharing is also one of the best ways to build a social network.

TweetPhoto Renames Itself As It Grows Beyond Twitter

TweetPhoto says it has expanded its features beyond Twitter, to the point where it needs a new name. The company today announced it has changed its name to Plixi, and wants to become a photo-sharing platform for multiple social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook Buys Photo Sharing Startup Divvyshot

Facebook has bought up Divvyshot, a one-year-old photo sharing startup. Divvyshot’s site lets users share photos by grouping them into colle…

Google Buys Photo-Editing Site Picnik

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has bought up online photo-editing service Picnik — the latest in its string of recent acquisitions. In a blog post, Pi…

Forbes Buys Online Photo Platform FlipGloss

Despite its current financial troubles and continued layoffs, Forbes Media has bought FlipGloss, a photo publishing and online distribution…

Family Website Startup Sampa To Close

Sampa, a Seattle startup that made it easy for families to set up a central place to share photos, blog posts and other information online,…

The IPL Media Guidelines

Word is expected today regarding changes to the guidelines issued by the Indian Premier League regarding media coverage; both Prem Panicker…

Slipping And Sliding Into The Valley

Why not to let doting, in-awe reporters-posing-as-insiders near a valuation story: case in point, this story from the BW columnist/reporter…

HP Owned Snapfish Launches In India

Hewlett Packard owned Snapfish, a free online photo sharing which allows users to order prints, has launched in India, reports ET. Snapfish…

HP Buys Photo Site Tabblo

Hewlett-Packard has bought Tabblo, a site/service that allows users to upload pics online, develop photo albums and then print them. “Think…