Phorm Pops Up Again, This Time in Brazil

Phorm, the controversial startup that delivers targeted ads based on a person’s web surfing, has signed deals with five Internet Service Providers in Brazil. Almost two years after the controversy around such services erupted, are Internet users ready to give up more of their privacy?

Can Europe Save Privacy?

The European Commission has taken legal action against Phorm, a company using deep packet inspection to sell advertisements based on where people…

Phorm Execs Jump Ship

Phorm’s chief operations officer and several members of its board have left the company, citing disagreements with CEO Kent Ertugrul. According to…

Privacy: Your Cable Box Knows You So Well

Last year, advertisers spent $21.2 billion advertising online, according to data from eMarketer, which expects that figure to grow to $40.5 billion in 2011. But as consumers spend more of their time in front of computers and mobile devices, advertisers are trying to make those ads more effective by watching what you watch, where you surf and what you search for. Continue Reading