Home LEDs starting to look more normal

LEDs for our homes are starting to come down and price and look – gasp — like actually normal light bulbs. Philips has a newly designed LED 60-watt incandescent replacement that looks, well, just like a regular light bulb. And that’s a good thing.

10 Ways Tech is Celebrating Earth Day

Tech giants are noting Earth Day this year in different ways, from Facebook’s “Billion Acts of Green” app and Microsoft’s green data center progress to e-cycling and energy efficiency efforts underway by telcos and gadget makers.


Google’s Latest White Space Push: The Smart Grid

Google turns to smart grid applications as the latest effort to win over hearts and minds to the elusive and much-debated white space technology. Will an application like the digital power grid help unlock the massive potential behind the unused TV broadcast channels?

5 Questions for the CEO of Philips Lighting North America

Ed Crawford, CEO of Philips Lighting North America, tells us Philips new LED bulb that can replace a 60-watt incandescent will likely retail around $60 and will be available in the U.S. in the fourth quarter of 2010. Here’s 5 questions from an edited interview with Crawford: