A startup looks to make money from emissions detectors

Counting emissions accurately — from carbon dioxide to methane — in the air and soil has long been the domain of academia. But Silicon Valley startup Picarro is hoping to turn that practice into a booming commercial business by wooing the natural gas industry.

The Facebook social energy app is here

One of the most comprehensive applications to use Facebook to manage home energy consumption has officially launched. Created by Opower, the social energy app enables Facebook users to compare their energy consumption with their peers and keep track of energy data provided by a utility.

PG&E Makes Headway on Utility-Owned Solar Projects

Two years ago, utility PG&E first announced it wanted to invest in and own solar projects in California. Well, PG&E’s made some progress on that front in the form of three solar photovoltaic projects it will develop and own in central California.

PG&E’s 5MW Wave Energy Project Sinks

A project that could’ve helped to advance wave energy development is now under the water. At least for now. The Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has suspended a 5-megawatt project off Northern California coast primarily because it’d cost too much.

PG&E Creates $100M Fund For SunRun Solar Projects

PG&E might not be winning over hearts and minds for its smart meter project, but the utility has been getting creative with solar financing. This morning PG&E announced that it will create a $100 million tax equity fund to invest in home solar installations with startup SunRun.

PG&E: "Wave Is the New Wind"

Utility PG&E Corp. said today it has entered into a power purchase agreement with Finavera Renewables for two megawatts of ocean energy.…

Leopard (10.5) DVD Player Details

The gaping hole in the MacWorld Keynote a couple weeks ago has left me – and I’m sure many of you too…

Another Honcho Picks a Mac

Geez, I think I’m gonna start this as a regular sort of topic here at The Apple Blog. This’ll be the 2nd…

ppcTunes rocks!

Information Appliance Associates, which has made a living out of making Pocket PC play nice with Mac has just released ppcTunes, a…

Noam’s Flaw?

Niki Scevak, analyst with Jupiter Media makes light of Eli Noam’s argument that IT and media are going to hell. bq. The…

Inflexion, a VoIP roll-up play?

You know VoIP is hot when former Ameritech President Dwayne Goldsmith decides to launch a new VoIP called Inflexion Communications. So far…