Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel funds tornado power: seriously

Canadian entrepreneur Louis Michaud, who has spent years trying to commercialize his “out there” technology to harness tornadoes for power, has received a small grant from PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel’s early stage lab Breakout Labs.

Why Summly’s 16 year old CEO wants to stay in school

Peter Thiel may be advising entrepreneurial kids to drop out of university to focus on building their ideas – but not everyone thinks the same way. Wunderkind app maker Nick D’Aloisio told me he still wanted to go to college, and explained why.

Is Peter Thiel warming to energy investing?

Investor Peter Thiel, who has long been bullish on cleantech investing, just announced that he’s the largest investor in a new potentially $1 billion growth fund that will back companies across sectors including in energy and those tackling resource constraints.

Greentech Investing: Not Working for Most

Let’s face it: Cleantech investing doesn’t seem to be working for a whole lot of people. Yes, we’re still knee deep in these companies trying to scale, but web investors are certainly glad they haven’t jumped in. What’s going on?