Content personalization still has a long way to go

Pointing people to “really interesting articles on the fringes of the internet that you had no idea existed or that you wanted” is still in its very early stages, according to Zite’s CEO and Prismatic’s CTO.

Cablevision Gets Personal With TV Quick Views

Cablevision’s new iO TV Quick Views feature will enable viewers to build personalized mosaics of content to quickly scan up to nine different channels at once. The feature is rolling out as cable companies seek to improve the user experience for finding content.

My6sense Brings Personalization to the Twitter Stream

Taming Twitter’s stream of endless data can be daunting, especially the more people you follow. But start-up My6sense is bringing some order to the chaos with a new Chrome browser extension that prioritizes a user’s Twitter stream, making it relevant to their tastes and interests.

The Locker Project: Why Leave Data Tracking to Others? Do It Yourself

With companies looking to leverage your data trail, why not take possession of that information and find innovative uses for it yourself? That’s the question that Jeremie Miller – the developer known behind the open-source protocol that powers many Instant Messaging programs – is trying to answer.

Zebek Jumps Into the Personalization Race

Now that social is becoming the new norm, the next big battle for companies will be personalization. The company that can get inside my head and deliver tailored recommendations or know what I want without being too stalkerish can walk away with a lot of money.