Peer-to-peer computing

Streaming the Olympics: How CNTV and Neulion do it

China’s state television is streaming 5,600 hours of live coverage of the the Olympic Games online — and it’s for the first time ever specifically targeting iPad and mobile users with a premium stream. However, it’s not giving up on P2P video streaming entirely.

Wil Wheaton to ISPs: Don’t throttle my torrents!

Wil Wheaton needed a copy of Ubuntu over the weekend, but the download from one of Ubuntu’s web-based mirrors simply took to long. So he turned to BitTorrent – and was reminded of the fact that many entertainment industry colleagues want ISPs to throttle it.

China’s upcoming connected TV revolution

China’s online video service PPTV struck a strategic partnership deal with local cable TV provider WASU last week that could hold the key to finally bring online video to the living room in China. Android TVs and set-top boxes could also play a big role.

Who pays for your P2P habit? ISPs or you?

Peer-to-peer networks in general and BitTorrent in particular are more expensive per bit for companies and business that provide networks rather than the larger ISPs according to a recent study that looks at file sharers usage patterns and ISPs peering agreements to understand costs.

Akamai to Launch P2P-Based Streaming Video Client

Akamai could begin leveraging P2P technology to stream live or on-demand videos. While it has been experimenting off and on with P2P ever since its acquisition of Red Swoosh in 2007, the introduction of video streaming through its NetSession client-side technology might be close to release.

Skype: Down But Not Out

The internet telephony service Skype got a good deal out of the net neutrality vote earlier this week, with the FCC deciding that Skype and…

Broadcaster Releases Movie via BitTorrent As It Airs On TV

How about this for day-and-date: The Dutch documentary California Dreaming will be available legally, for free, via BitTorrent today while it airs on TV. The movie is released by and licensed under a Creative Commons license that even allows viewers and downloaders to remix it.

The Court Docket 11.2.10

Some interesting legal tidbits for the day:

»  The sharing of data through referral URLs — where companies pass on more about t…

The Morning Lowdown 10.27.10

»  If you want a white iPhone, better be patient. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has experienced delays again and says the white version won’t…

Yes Men Make $11,000 on First Weekend of P2P Release

It’s only been four days since the Yes Men released their latest feature film The Yes Men Change The World on file sharing networks, but viewers have already donated over $11,000 and counting. This early success is making the duo rethink TV and theater distribution models.

uTorrent for Mac Ready for Download

uTorrent, known as one of the most popular and P2P file sharing clients for Windows, is coming to the Mac: A first 1.0 stable version is available now for download, and uTorrent maker BitTorrent Inc. is planing to soon offer feature parity between the two versions.

Can P2P Be Made to Pay?

Entertainment industry insiders are increasingly seeking alternatives to lawsuits and legal threats, realizing it’s time to finally work with, instead of against, P2P network operators and their users. Here’s a look at three approaches .

Happy Birthday, Gnutella: Pioneering P2P Protocol Turns Ten

Ten years ago this week, online music pioneer Justin Frankel released a little application dubbed Gnutella that enabled file sharing through a distributed P2P network. Frankel, whose also wrote the then hugely-popular Winamp MP3 player software, supposedly named the client after his favorite hazelnut cream spread.

Swedish Exchange Delists Pirate Bay Buyer

As if any more doubt could be cast on the chances of Global Gaming Factory X’s (GGF) offer to buy file-sharing site Pirate Bay going through…

Pirate Bay Sale Looking Iffier

Need more evidence that the sale of Pirate Bay to Global Gaming Factory X is anything but a sure deal? In court Tuesday, a lawyer for Global…

paidContent’s Quick Hits: 6.29.09

»  Will Threshold Entertainment’s lawsuit against Midway over rights to Mortal Kombat hurt Warner Bros.

eBay Planning IPO For Skype In 2010

eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) said Tuesday it would spin off its Skype calling service via an initial public offering during the first half of next year…

Skype Founders Might Buy Back Firm From eBay

Skype’s two founders have joined a growing list of suitors possibly interested in buying the service from eBay (NSDQ: EBAY). The New York Ti…

P2P Is Coming To YouTube

It looks like the idea of a P2P-powered YouTube is finally becoming reality, albeit without any contribution from Google. Singapore-based P2P start-up PPLive, which we previously covered for its hugely successful P2P video platform, is experimenting with a P2P accelerator for Flash video streams. The application, which is dubbed PPVA, essentially distributes the stream of any popular Flash video from sites like YouTube via P2P without any involvement of the hosting server.

Flash P2P: Now That's Disruptive

Don’t blame me for getting caught up in the whole hoopla around media-buying-media…we media types are known for being narcissists. Blame me…

Shocking: New Facts About P2P and Broadband Usage

Not a day goes by without someone bemoaning the evils of peer-to-peer networking. This week, however, we came across a set of numbers that show more traditional video sources (streaming and flash video, for example) are now an increasing component of bandwidth on consumer-focused broadband networks.

BBC iPlayer 120,000 Downloads In First Week

The BBC’s new iPlayer has gotten off to a flying start. The broadcaster reports that in its first week, more than 120,000 people have downlo…

The Venice Project Gets 'Joost'

We mused the other day that a better name for The Venice Project might be Yet Another Internet TV Project. Instead, TVP finally went from co…