Mobile browsers top 20% for web use around the world

The mobile wave continues to build with no signs of cresting. According to StatCounter’s data, mobile devices accounted for 21.6 percent of global web browsing as of last month. PCs still have their place but it’s diminishing quickly for some activities

Smartphones poised for PC replacement duty [video]

Most people today wouldn’t think of replacing their PC with a smartphone, but that future may not be far off. Amazing advances in hardware and software show this becoming a real possibility as shown in this fantastic video demonstration with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Multi-screen mania: how our devices work together

With more devices at our disposal, users are finding ways to spread out their tasks between screens, moving from smartphones to PCs and tablets. That’s one of the findings of a new multi-screen study by Google.

The phone is poised to usurp the PC’s throne

Phones are increasingly replacing desktops and laptops as the primary computing device in our digital lifestyle. John SanGiovanni of Zumobi looks at the phone’s rise to power.

Small miracle: HP PCs outgrow Mac for Q1

Considering the barely contained disaster that the consumer side of HP’s hardware business has been over the last year, today represents some welcome news: its PCs sales actually grew at a faster rate during the first quarter of 2012 than Apple’s Macs in the U.S.

HP combines PC, printer groups, VJ to retire

It’s official: one of HP’s longest-serving executives will retire in a corporate shakeup that will merge two historically important divisions that have fallen on hard times amid a shift to mobile technology. HP hopes the move will help it save money as it tries to rebound.

Could tablets outsell PCs by next year? (Hint: yes)

At their current and expected growth rates, tablet computers are on pace to start outselling traditional form-factor PCs by the third quarter of 2013, says Horace Dediu. It sounds crazy until you start looking at the numbers and the seismic shift towards highly mobile computing.

Post AT&T-Mo, T-Mobile finds a way to get to LTE

T-Mobile USA may have had a horrible fourth quarter while its merger with AT&T suffered its death throes, but the operator is definitely taking advantage of the aftermath. T-Mobile is using the breakup fee and spectrum won from AT&T to build an LTE network in 2013.

Macs sales growing, but U.S. PC market stagnates

Apple sold a little over 2 million Macs between October and the end of December, according to IDC. That’s 18 percent more than the same quarter a year ago. It’s really good news for Apple, as that growth has put its market share at 10.92 percent of the U.S. PC market, its highest share in a very long time.

The living room PC is here: the iPad

Apple’s iPad is a mobile device, but “mobile” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being used while on the go. New research from McKinsey found most iPads never leave the home, and are used most in the living room, for things like watching video or browsing the web.

Tested: Windows gaming in OS X with Parallels 7

I last looked at Windows gaming options on OS X in 2010; the choices haven’t gotten any better. However, Parallels 7 was recently released and boasts improved Windows performance in a virtualized environment, so it’s time to take another look.

Apple still has little competition in creating happy customers

According to a survey to be released Tuesday, Apple is again the leader in computer owner satisfaction by a wide margin. Its lead in happy customers corresponds with an expansion of its overall business as well as the skyrocketing of its stock price. Coincidence? Not likely.

Samsung: We’re not buying HP’s PC biz

So, that personal computer business that HP doesn’t want anymore? The one with the largest market share in the world? Samsung isn’t interested either. The company attempted to put an end to rumors it was considering taking over HP’s laptop and desktop unit on its blog.

Why there are no buyers for HP’s PC biz

It was shocking enough to learn last week that HP wants out of the PC business. But it was somewhat surprising HP told investors before finding a buyer. The likely reason? There’s really no one in a position to take it off their hands.

The end of the PC era

For nearly 30 years, personal computers as we’ve known them have been the drivers of the technology engine, from Intel to Microsoft to Dell to HP. But the rise of mobile computing is upending the technology business and redefining the PC and how we use it.

Yes, tablets are eating PCs’ lunch

A UBS research note today upgrades its expectation of tablet sales this year while simultaneously knocking down its expectation of the PC industry’s growth. The opposite trajectories of PC and tablets show that, yes, in some cases people are buying a tablet instead of a laptop.

For the energy of the Internet, look to the end devices

A common misperception is that the bulk of the energy consumption associated with the Internet and connected-computing comes from massive data centers. In reality, the billions of end devices — computers, set-top-boxes — are currently the bigger and more wasteful culprits.

Apple quietly updates the AirPort Extreme

It’s updates all around for Apple’s full-sized routers, as the AirPort Extreme joins the Time Capsule with a new model number today. The AirPort Extreme and the Time Capsule both haven’t been updated since early 2009, so refreshed hardware isn’t really a surprise. But what’s changed?

Tablets Starting to Replace Other Traditional Devices

Tablets are cutting into PC usage and are also stealing time from ereaders and gaming machines, according to a Nielsen survey. Tablets have started to shift the computing load away from more traditional machines and now present a significant challenge to hardware makers.

5 Biggest Losers as Smartphone Sales Surpass PCs

Do Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and Toshiba grasp that the future of the world is mobile? If they don’t, PC sales numbers ought to clue them in: 93.4 million computers were sold in 2010, which may not be as high as the growing number of smartphones.

Gartner Forecasts: PC Shipments Down, Tablets Up

Gartner ?cut its estimates on PC shipment?s saying tablets are increasingly serving as substitutes for PCs. Gartner said worldwide shipments were on pace for 352.4 million units this year, up 14.3 percent over last year but down from projected growth of 17.9 percent two months ago.

AVOB Takes PC Power-Saving to the Processor

French startup AVOB, which launches in the U.S. on Monday, says it can ramp down processor speed and voltage while a computer is working and is testing it with the likes of Intel (s INTC), Microsoft (s MSFT) and Cisco (s CSCO).

Tip: Reuse That Old PC With Your New Mac

Now that you’ve switched from PC to Mac, what do you do with the PC? Surprisingly, that old PC might be a great accessory for your Mac. Pull that old PC out of the trash and make it submit to the power of your Mac.

Ever Yelled at a Slow Computer? You're Not Alone

If you have ever shouted at your PC, slammed your mouse down on a table or swore out loud at a piece of technology, you are not the only one. An online study found that more than half of U.S. adults surveyed admitted to doing so.

OMG, We're Getting LTE This Year!

Forgive my schoolgirl crush on faster mobile broadband, but after Alcatel-Lucent said today that in conjunction with LG Electronics it had completed the first uninterrupted data handoff between a CDMA network and an LTE network, I got really excited as that means LTE is in sight!