Comcast gives subscribers one more reason to quit Netflix

Comcast is rolling out a new streaming on-demand offering called Xfinity Streampix, which will bring more library content to subscribers that pay for its high-end double- and triple-play packages. That could give subscribers less of a reason to also pay for Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Apple’s iTV and the carrier question

Apple is reportedly looking to partner with TV operators for the launch of its upcoming iTV product. Why would it? Because doing so would give it more content, enable it to offer a better user interface, and give it wider distribution.

Apple iTV: It’s about the experience, not content

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu thinks Apple needs to get into the content game to make the iTV a winner when it launches. But the bigger opportunity might be where Apple plays best — in allowing content creators to develop their own apps on its iOS platform.

2012 prediction: The slow death of coax begins

A couple of new videos from Verizon show that wireless technology will eventually replace coaxial cable for video distribution within the home. That’ll mean more TV content available on more devices, as well as huge potential cost savings for pay TV operators.

Happy birthday, Cord Cutters!

Happy birthday to us: It’s been a year since we published the very first episode of Cord Cutters. In that time, we’ve not only released 35 additional episodes but also learned a whole lot about the future of TV, and the people who reinvent it.

The pay TV market is still resisting disruption

For all the talk, there’s little evidence that cord cutting, to whatever extent it is actually happening, has loosened the grip of the networks or cable operators on the TV business. If anything, they’ve tightened their hold, as evidence from this last quarter shows.

Time Warner Cable’s future is in broadband, not TV

The majority of Time Warner Cable’s subscribers and most of its revenue still come from traditional pay TV services, but that’s changing — and fast. The company is betting on broadband for its future, due to wider adoption of Internet services while traditional TV subscriptions decline.

Why Time Warner Cable is buying Insight for $3B

Time Warner Cable plans to buy Insight Communications, the nation’s ninth-largest cable company, in a deal worth $3 billion as the industry realizes it needs to streamline. The deal offers TWC greater scale as well as about $100 million in annual cost efficiencies.

Netflix nabs another exclusive deal ahead of cable

Netflix has licensed exclusive rights to future films from indie studio Open Road Films, making it the only place viewers can watch those movies during the pay TV window. The deal follows Netflix’s recent habit of locking down titles from independent producers ahead of cable networks.

Verizon’s Bundle Builder shows the power of broadband

Verizon is unbundling its data plans from its video offering, providing a more flexible offering to its customers. By doing so, the telco enables its customers to pick and choose the data plans they want without them being tied to a certain number of video channels.

How to Replace Lost Billions in a Cord-Cut Nation?

Total subscription dollars for video go down in an over-the-top video world, what with the increased popularity of services like Netflix Watch Instantly and Hulu Plus. With cord cutting on the rise, how do the entertainment and pay-TV industries make up the lost revenue?

Why Cable May Let the Google Fox Into the Henhouse

Google’s newly announced partnership with DISH will distribute Logitech’s Google TV device and allow for limited integration with the satellite TV provider’s set-tops. But the real question is whether or not Google can sell such an act to the Comcasts and Time Warners of the world.

Relativity Media Shuns HBO & Showtime for Netflix

Relativity Media’s movies won’t make their way to HBO or Showtime during their pay TV window anymore. Instead, you’ll be able to watch them as part of Netflix’ Watch Instantly service. Some believe this deal could be a sign for things to come for pay TV.

Epix Picks a Launch Date

Epix, the forthcoming pay TV and broadband channel from Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount, will launch on Oct. 30, the company announced yesterday.…

Do Consumers Really Want to Pay for Media?

The music industry has made quite a stir about piracy and downloads. Pay TV providers have fought to protect their service bundles…