Paul Maritz

Remember that VMware spin off? It’s baaa-aack

VMware plans to turn over SpringSource, Cloud Foundry, GemStone and other non-core technologies over to a new EMC-owned subsidiary, GigaOM has learned. The move helps separate the money-making, enterprise-focused VMware business from the future CloudFoundry unit that will compete against Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

Joe Tucci to stick with EMC till 2015

According to a new 8K filing with the SEC, EMC CEO Joe Tucci will stay on at the storage giant until at least February of 2015. But he may not hold the top job for that whole time, according to the document.

VMware’s getting old, get over it!

Sometimes stodgy and stable is good. That is certainly the case for enterprise technology buyers. While the product news out of VMworld 2012 this week wasn’t earth shattering, what the company is doing bears study if you’re an IT person.

6 things we need to know from VMware

As VMware transitions from CEO Paul Maritz to CEO Pat Gelsinger and keeps pushing beyond its server virtualization roots, there are a lot of questions about where the company is headed. Here are 6 key issues the company should address at VMworld.

VMware’s non-denial denial on CloudFoundry spin-off

A recent internal VMware memo that has emerged via CRN says that our previously published report about VMware and EMC pooling assets such as Cloud Foundry and GreenPlum and spinning them off into a separate entity was “unfounded.” It sounds like a classic non-denial denial.

How new-look VMware should attack the emerging cloud landscape

The new Pat Gelsinger-led VMware must do three things to succeed: Carefully guard against favoring its parent company’s products too much; tend to the crucial virtualization and management technologies that underlie its entire franchise; and be nicer to customers and partners.

VMware, seeking scale, took its eye off the ball

As VMware CEO Paul Maritz launched a four-year acquisition spree that brought the virtualization kingpin into software development and end user applications where it competes with Microsoft and others, he also left the company’s core business unprotected, critics say.

VMware co-founder joins Google’s board

Diane Greene has joined the board of directors of Google announced today. Greene was the CEO of VMware but was replaced by current CEO Paul Maritz a few years ago. Green, who was the co-founder of VMWare is quite plugged in to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

In Acquiring Zimbra, VMware Moves Squarely Toward Apps and Collaboration

On the heels of its acquisition of SpringSource, virtualization giant VMware has announced that it will acquire email and collaboration software player Zimbra from Yahoo. With Zimbra, VMware is spreading out to applications, and moving steadily up the software stack.